Blanco Lago v. Costco Wholesale Corporation – Slip and Fall Personal Injury Case

Slipping and falling at a place of business doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea to bring on a lawsuit. Winning a slip and fall case means that the business neglected to help keep you safe. Rather, they knew about something that could potentially cause an injury and failed to remove the dangerous object. In the case Blanco Lago v. Costco Wholesale Corporation, you will see that a slip and fall case in Florida doesn’t always mean the injured party wins.

Case Background

Blanca Lago was visiting a Costco location in Miami with a friend. She had never been to a Costco before the incident when she was injured. While walking into the store, close enough that she was under the overhang of the building’s awning, she slipped on a “slippery substance.” She landed on her left knee, and immediately started screaming in pain. Onlookers came by to assist, an ambulance was called, and she was taken to the hospital. As a result of her injuries from the slip and fall, she sued Costco.

This slip and fall case in Florida is pretty straightforward. Ms. Lago was injured because she slipped on a substance at Costco, and took them to court to seek damages for her injuries. However, in court, Ms. Lago failed to show that Costco was negligent.

Case Ruling

The court sided with Costco and ruled that the company was not responsible for Ms. Lago’s injuries because there was not enough proof that they knew about the “slippery substance.” Ms. Lago testified that no one else was injured, it was not raining, she didn’t see the liquid before she fell on it, and she didn’t know for how long it had been there. Rather, this liquid could have been spilled right before she fell. So, it would have been impossible for Costco to know about the spill and clean it up before Ms. Lago was injured.


It is certainly unfortunate that Ms. Lago was injured, but this case shows that a slip and fall in Florida needs to have a stronger case in order to be brought to trial. There needs to be evidence of negligence and that the accident could have been prevented.
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