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Distinguishing Between a Driver and Vehicle Owner Following a Car Accident Should Be Top Priority for a Florida Lawyer

Florida Owner vs Vehicle Owner Car Accident Commuting throughout the State of Florida is built upon highways, expressways, and congested local roadways.  Naturally, with traffic on these highly traveled roadways, car accidents undoubtedly occur with great frequency.  That said, within the greater Miami area in South Florida, the competition amongst car accident attorneys is second to none.  Since most personal injury lawyers do not have the funds to spend on high priced advertisements, quality of representation is of the utmost importance. The goal for any injured client is to retain a lawyer that has the ability to maximize their recovery.  For most

Property Damage and Collision Coverage in Florida: A Key Distinction

It’s not all about the injuries following a car accident. Being a personal injury lawyer helping those hurt in accidents in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas, as well as the entire state of Florida, ensuring client treatment is undoubtedly a priority.  However, another aspect of a car crash is property damage. Florida auto insurance policies have separate coverage provisions for property damage claims.  And for the more severe accidents, coverage for rental vehicles is also an option in the event the vehicle is deemed a total loss. In most cases, insurance policies contain “Property Damage” and “Collision” coverage. While both