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Your Aventura Lawyer Blog: You Have the Right to Remain Silent

DECEMBER 29, 2013: When a slip and fall or car accident occurs in Florida, a lawyer is not the only person that seeks to get intimately involved in an injured person’s case.  In fact, the first call that someone injured in an accident receives is frequently from the insurance adjuster for the opposing party.  While a simple phone call may seem harmless, that initial conversation can have long-term ramifications. The mantra that I have those injured clients live by is trust nobody and do not speak with any adjuster that calls regarding your accident.  And based upon my experience, these insurance companies

Your Aventura Lawyer Blog: Goodbye Privacy

DECEMBER 25, 2013: Generally, an accident case in Florida is classified by lawyers in two distinct parts: (1) pre-suit and (2) litigation.  The average person injured in a car accident or slip and fall does not understand this dichotomy.  A typical client believes that once they retain an attorney a lawsuit is automatically commenced against the defending party.  This cannot be further from the truth. The term “pre-suit” or “pre-litigation” can be simply defined as the following: the point in time of the person’s case that occurs before a formal Complaint is filed in Circuit or County Court.  During this time, the