How to File a Claim Against Celebrity Cruise Lines

How to File a Claim Against Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL) is the world’s second largest international cruise line. With more than 20 ships in service, two exclusive island destinations for passengers, and daring new features such as RipCord by iFLY (the first at-sea skydiving experience), RCCL has a lot to offer passengers – and many opportunities for injuries. When you board a cruise ship, you aren’t expecting to suffer an injury. Yet even on vacation, harmful accidents can occur. When the worst happens, here’s how to file a claim against RCCL. Maritime Laws and Filing Restrictions Bringing a lawsuit against a cruise line for onboard injuries requires

How to File a Claim Against Carnival Cruise Lines

Personal injury accidents can occur anytime, anywhere – including while on vacation. A serious injury might be the last thing you expect to happen during a Carnival cruise, but it’s an unfortunate reality for many people every year. Ship collisions, technical problems, passengers falling overboard, assaults by crew members, food poisoning, and slip and fall incidents can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones, concussions, and internal organ damage. In the event of injury or wrongful death, here’s how to bring a claim against Carnival Cruise Lines. For more information about hiring a lawyer you can read our Miami

The 6 Worst Cruise Ship Accidents and Mishaps

Most of the cruise ship incidents reported in the news involve a property damage or a handful of people. Some, however, stand out for their sheer magnitude. Our list includes the worst of the worst. The billion-dollar industry leaves passengers with fond memories and fun adventures, but the following incidents paint an all too possible and different picture. Eastern Star: The Perils of Stormy Weather (2015) The cruise along the Yangtze River in China held over 450 passengers – most of which were retirees and senior citizens. After a serious storm that may have included a tornado, the boat capsized. Only 14