Dog Bite

Florida’s Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds

Do You Know the Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds in Florida? When dogs cause preventable deaths, viciously attacking children and adults, the debate on breed-specific bans renews. Miami-Dade County has enforced a pit bull ban since 1989. The ordinance was up for reconsideration on November 15, four years after the last time the city addressed the ban, but the bill’s authors removed it from consideration to rework the details. Unfortunately, breed-specific laws only cover certain problems with aggressive animals. Irregular enforcement and illegal ownership keep the pit bull ban and other similar laws from preventing animal attacks. Responsible animal ownership can reduce

Man’s Best Friend…Man’s Great Responsibility

MARCH 2, 2014: Man’s best friend.  That is the common saying that we have all heard thousands of times when describing a dog.  Being a dog owner myself, I cannot disagree with that statement.  However, in the State of Florida, owning such a great companion comes with great responsibility. Aside from being responsible for and providing a healthy environment and home for the dog, owners also carry a heavy burden of responsibility when it comes to the general public.  Even if your dog is seemingly the kindest and sweetest companion for you and your family, one vicious and out of character attack