Highway Construction Accident

Florida Highway Construction Accident Lawsuit

First Thing Is First: Tell the Florida Department of Transportation about the Lawsuit

AUGUST 17, 2014: In Florida, the Department of Transportation is one of the most powerful and important agencies throughout the entire state.  This is the case in large part due to the hundreds of highways that encompass our great state.  Being one of the largest states in the nation, interstates are the primary roadway traveled upon by Floridians.  Naturally, the FDOT plays a large role for the safety of those driving on those interstates. Nevertheless, mistakes happen, and the Department of Transportation is not immune to making them.  And when a mistake or negligence causes a car crash in Florida at or

The Eyes and Ears of the Florida Department of Transportation

JULY 20, 2014: In the State of Florida, hundreds of thousands of drivers travel the highway each day.  And at any given time, a car accident is occurring on those highways.  All too often, the cause of crashes are due to construction projects and driver confusion when entering those areas on the highway.  Frequently, these accidents involve vehicles traveling at high speeds, thus resulting in catastrophic injury to the driver and passengers of the car. Long before attorneys get involved following these accidents, the Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”) and its hired contractor are on site ensuring that the plans and safety