How to File an Auto Claim with Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

Slip and Fall? Car Accident? Preserve Your Evidence Correctly

APRIL 26, 2015: For personal injury lawyers helping those injured in car accidents or slip and falls, visual or tangible evidence is of the utmost importance when litigating.  As thousands of cases are filed in Miami and Broward County each year, Judges are always looking for a reason to dismiss a case due to lack of evidence, which effectively lightens their caseload.  Immediately following an incident, necessary steps must be taken to preserve evidence in support of an injured person’s case. As an Aventura accident lawyer, many procedural and strategic steps are taken following a client’s car accident or slip and fall

The Florida Department of Transportation and CEI Report is Essential When Injured in a Construction Site Car Accident

DECEMBER 12, 2014: Drivers in Florida are accustomed to traveling through construction zones while driving on roadways and highways.  Under most circumstances, the entity that funds these construction projects existing on the state roadways and highways is the Florida Department of Transportation.  However, with the number of FDOT construction projects occurring throughout the state, it is nearly impossible and not practical for Department of Transportation personnel to manage or oversee these sites. Therefore, the FDOT frequently retains the services of a third party company to serve as a Certified Engineer and Inspector for the project, or most commonly referred to as a

Your Aventura Lawyer Blog: New Incident Reporting Rule Proposed by OSHA

JANUARY 9, 2014: In the State of Florida, as well as all over this country, employers are forced to ensure that the proper precautions are in place so that employees are safe.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA for short, is an organization in place with the main purpose of protecting employees while at work.  Without these standards and rules enforced by OSHA, employers would ultimately be free to act as they wish and provide for the safety of its employees as they see fit. As a Florida highway construction accident lawyer, I am very familiar with OSHA and after