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Rear-End Accidents in Florida Carry a Presumption of Negligence That Can Be Rebutted

OCTOBER 16, 2016: As a car accident lawyer, the most common type of vehicle impact is a rear-end collision.  In those situations, liability is typically admitted by the insurance company or attorney for the driver.  Once liability is no longer at issue, the only matter to be resolved by both parties is that of damages.  As many personal injury attorneys know, liability in rear-end accidents is admitted due to the rebuttable presumption of negligence that exists in Florida. The 4th District Court of Appeal for Florida (“4th DCA”) recently heard oral arguments following a dismissal of a car accident case in Circuit

Florida’s Wrongful Act Doctrine Carries Grave Consequences for Car Insurance Companies

DECEMBER 11, 2015: As a personal injury attorney in Miami that helps those hurt in car accidents and slip and falls, compensation for the attorney typically comes in the form of a contingency fee.  In other words, a client does not have to pay the attorney unless a successful outcome is achieved in the case, such as a settlement.  While that is the typical means of compensation for a personal injury lawyer, it is not the only form of compensation, for the state of Florida recognizes recovery of attorneys’ fees under the Wrongful Act Doctrine. As stated by the Third District Court

Recovery of Your Deductible is a Small Battle Worth Pursuing

JULY 26, 2015 Without question, nobody is ready or plans for a car accident.  And as a Miami personal injury attorney, a main service offered to clients is to help sort out the mess immediately following a crash.  Treatment for injuries sustained is certainly a primary consideration.  However, life does not stop simply because a car accident occurs.  Thus, repairs to a person’s damaged vehicle is frequently near the top of the list. Many drivers carry auto insurance that provides coverage for property damage sustained in a car accident.  This is known as “Collision Coverage” and is ultimately in place in the event

Your Aventura Lawyer Blog: You Have the Right to Remain Silent

DECEMBER 29, 2013: When a slip and fall or car accident occurs in Florida, a lawyer is not the only person that seeks to get intimately involved in an injured person’s case.  In fact, the first call that someone injured in an accident receives is frequently from the insurance adjuster for the opposing party.  While a simple phone call may seem harmless, that initial conversation can have long-term ramifications. The mantra that I have those injured clients live by is trust nobody and do not speak with any adjuster that calls regarding your accident.  And based upon my experience, these insurance companies