A Closer Look at the Target vs. Kaufer Slip & Fall Case

Publix Wins Reversal of $1.5 Million Miami Slip and Fall Verdict

Every year hundreds of thousands of tort lawsuits are filed. With Slip and fall cases, it’s not always the best idea to file a lawsuit.  A majority, about 95 to 96 percent, are settled pretrial. Accidents happen, and often injuries are the result. When the accident was caused by something or someone outside of your control, you may wonder if you have any options for legal recourse. In this case, it’s necessary to prove that someone else – usually the property owner – is liable for your injuries (Premises Liability). The first two questions to ask are

Who are the potentially liable parties? Were

Slip and Fall Case in Florida

Slipping and falling at a place of business doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea to bring on a lawsuit. Winning a slip and fall case means that the business neglected to help keep you safe. Rather, they knew about something that could potentially cause an injury and failed to remove the dangerous object. In the case Blanco Lago v. Costco Wholesale Corporation, you will see that a slip and fall case in Florida doesn’t always mean the injured party wins. Case Background Blanca Lago was visiting a Costco location in Miami with a friend. She had never been to a Costco before

Sidewalk Slip and Fall

Slipping and falling on a sidewalk… we’ve all probably been there once or twice in our lives. Most times, we go away uninjured and continue walking along. But, what if something is on the sidewalk that creates a dangerous situation for injuries? This is what happened in the case Miami Dade County v. Wanda Jones from November 2017. Keep reading to find out what happened and who was found at fault for this incident.   Case Background Ms. Jones was visiting a barbecue stand that was owned by a sports club. The food stand was on a public sidewalk owned by Miami-Dade County. A good

Fraudulent Slip and Fall in Florida

Anytime you take an issue to court, it’s incredibly important to be honest and transparent. Not only does this save time for everyone involved, but dishonesty in court can also get you in a lot of trouble. What happens to someone who claims a fraudulent slip and fall in Florida? Take a look at the case Obregon v. Rosana Corp to see how the law always wins. Case Background In 2012, Leda Obregon was eating at Uncle Tom’s Barbecue when she slipped and fell. Three years later, in 2015, she filed a complaint to seek damages for her injuries. As the court case