Distinguishing Between a Driver & Vehicle Owner After a Car Accident

Distinguishing Between a Driver and Vehicle Owner Following a Car Accident Should Be Top Priority for a Florida Lawyer

Florida Owner vs Vehicle Owner Car Accident

Commuting throughout the State of Florida is built upon highways, expressways, and congested local roadways.  Naturally, with traffic on these highly traveled roadways, car accidents undoubtedly occur with great frequency.  That said, within the greater Miami area in South Florida, the competition amongst car accident attorneys is second to none.  Since most personal injury lawyers do not have the funds to spend on high priced advertisements, quality of representation is of the utmost importance.

The goal for any injured client is to retain a lawyer that has the ability to maximize their recovery.  For most cases, the achievement of this goal is dependent upon the actions taken with the auto insurance companies at the outset of the case.

“Driver Exchange of Information”

Following an accident, the responding police officer issues a “Driver Exchange of Information” to all parties involved.  This Driver Exchange contains important information, including the active insurance policies covering each vehicle involved in the crash.

One of the first tasks handled by an injured person’s attorney is to send out notice letters to each insurance company “involved” in the subject accident.  This information is typically ascertained from the Driver Exchange.  Key components of this Driver Exchange include the other driver’s name and address, as well as the insurance carrier covering the vehicle involved in the accident.  However, it must be noted that frequently the driver of the car and the owner of the car are two different people.

And according to Florida law, a lawsuit may be filed against the owner of the vehicle involved in the crash and the person that was actually driving that owner’s vehicle at the time of the wreck.

Bureau of Motorist Compliance request letter

However, very rarely does the driver’s insurance information get taken by the police officer to be inputted into the Driver Exchange, for it is the vehicle’s insurance that gets added.  In order for a personal injury attorney to get the driver’s insurance to open a claim, a letter must be sent to the Bureau of Motorist Compliance in Tallahassee, Florida.  The contents of this letter must identify the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, as well as the driver’s license number and date of birth, if obtainable.

A standard reply is submitted from the State of Florida identifying the information it has on file for the particular driver specified in the Bureau of Motorist Compliance request letter.

All too often, a quick and easy settlement may be obtained from the insurance company identified on the Driver Exchange.  Yet, additional investigation and inquiry must be made by the attorney as to whether any other insurance coverage applies.

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