The Florida Department of Transportation and CEI Report is Essential When Injured in a Construction Site Car Accident

DECEMBER 12, 2014:

Drivers in Florida are accustomed to traveling through construction zones while driving on roadways and highways.  Under most circumstances, the entity that funds these construction projects existing on the state roadways and highways is the Florida Department of Transportation.  However, with the number of FDOT construction projects occurring throughout the state, it is nearly impossible and not practical for Department of Transportation personnel to manage or oversee these sites.

Therefore, the FDOT frequently retains the services of a third party company to serve as a Certified Engineer and Inspector for the project, or most commonly referred to as a “CEI.”  The main function of the CEI is to be the “eyes and ears” of the Department of Transportation during the course of the project.  Additional information and comment regarding the CEI’s scope of responsibility and relationship with the FDOT can be found at SteinLaw’s previous posting HERE.  In addition to the CEI’s daily inspection duties related to the project, the CEI typically has the responsibility of investigating the circumstances surrounding a car accident occurring within the parameters of the construction zone.

Following a car accident at or near a construction site, the CEI typically is one of the first responders to the crash scene.  A key component to the investigation conducted by the CEI following an accident is the determination of whether the proper traffic control devices were in place.  Additionally, documentation of the conditions present at or near the construction site is also addressed by the CEI, among other elements.

This information gathered by the CEI is typically memorialized in a report commonly referred to as the “Engineer’s Maintenance of Traffic Evaluation of Crash Site.”  This is an evaluation conducted by the CEI on the project and ultimately serves as a check to ensure the contractor on the project complied with all necessary requirements under the law.  This report includes the conditions existing at the time of the accident, as well as a diagram of the crash and possibly photographs of the accident scene.

For lawyers in Florida representing those injured in construction site car accidents, especially in Miami, the Engineer’s Maintenance of Traffic Evaluation report is an essential piece of evidence.  This document should be requested by personal injury lawyers in every case involving construction.

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