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Miami Bridge Collapse Legal Help

Yesterday, a pedestrian bridge collapsed at the Florida International University campus in Miami. The bridge, which was touted as being a first of it’s kind “instant bridge” was constructed over the weekend and would still be under construction for some time before it would be open to the public for use. The idea behind this new, innovated bridge technology was to cut back on worker’s risk and traffic problems related to lengthy construction times. This is a terrible incident and we are sending our deepest condolences to those affected. If you are looking for Miami bridge collapse legal help, we can provide you with assistance.

bridge collapse

What happened?

Here is what you should know about the Miami bridge collapse. The bridge was constructed over 8th street (Tamiami Trail). While traffic was stopped at a red light, the bridge suddenly collapsed, trapping vehicles underneath and flattening anything in it’s path. Sadly, the numbers in this morning report that four people have died. Others remain in critical condition.

The construction company that was working on the bridge said that it will conduct a full investigation as to what happened and why the bridge did not hold up. It was supposed to be able to sustain category 5 hurricane winds, yet it crumbled to the ground after only a few days of being constructed. Furthermore, the bridge was supposed to last for 100 years, but clearly it did not.

How we can help

We are here for Miami bridge collapse legal help, if you have been affected by this tragic incident. If you or someone you love has been injured, it is absolutely wise to seek legal counsel. There is no doubt that the next several months, and years ahead, will be difficult as you deal with injuries, psychological trauma, and trying to get back on your feet. The lawyers at SteinLaw can make this difficult time easier for you by making sure that you have solid representation in court.

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