Aventura Condominium and Homeowner Association Slip, Trip and Fall Attorney

There are countless condominiums in Florida. Condominium and homeowner association law is governed by Florida Statute, which requires that they formally register as Florida corporations. The owners of condominium units are shareholders of the condominium association. The elected board of directors of the condominium is responsible for the day to day upkeep and maintenance of the condominium property. Homeowner associations are similarly governed. Florida personal injury attorney Brandon Stein represents individuals who were injured in condominium and homeowner association slip, trip and fall accidents.

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident occurs when the ground is covered in a slippery, wet, icy, oily or otherwise slick substance that causes a pedestrian to lose their footing, slip, and fall. A trip and fall accident results from unmaintained flooring that causes a person to trip and fall. It’s common for carpet to bunch up and cause a hidden stumbling block. Flooring that has a protruding object or that is not level may also cause an individual to trip and fall. Stairs that are weak, cracked or missing are often the cause of trip and fall injuries. Trip and falls often occur in doorways, ramps, cluttered hallways and on unstable surfaces. They may occur because of unseen electrical and phone cords or small objects on the floor.

Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

Both slip and fall and trip and fall accidents can cause severe injuries and even death. According to the National Flooring Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents account for more than a million emergency room visits yearly. The National Safety Council reports that almost 9 million hospital visits resulted from fall injuries in 2011. Elderly adults are especially at risk, and slip and fall and trip and fall accidents are unfortunately quite common in condominiums.

Condominium and Homeowner Association Liability, Damages

Condominiums and homeowner associations are responsible for properly maintaining their property for both residents and guests. If a resident or visitor slips, trips and falls on the property and injuries are sustained, a personal injury cause of action may be pursued for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and more. If an individual dies because of a slip, trip, and fall accident, a wrongful death claim may be filed by the decedent’s lawful survivors.

Florida personal injury and wrongful death attorney Brandon Stein represents clients who were injured in slip, trip, and fall accidents. Condominium and homeowner associations are liable for damages caused by their own negligence as well as by the negligence of their employees. Attorney Stein provides aggressive and effective legal representation for his clients and he embraces his role as an advocate for his injured clients. He will always seek the maximum amount of compensation available under the law for his clients. There are no legal fees unless your case is successfully settled with the insurance company or won in court. To schedule a complimentary case review, call Florida Attorney Brandon Stein at 786-766-8701.