Aventura Work Related Accidents Attorney

Work-related injuries occur with great frequency in the U.S., especially in jobs that are physically demanding or dangerous. According to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 4,300 work-related deaths occurred in 2012 and more than 3,000,000 nonfatal workplace injuries occurred in 2011. In Florida, an employer with four or more employees must carry Workers’ Compensation coverage. In most instances, an injured worker cannot file a personal injury claim against their employer and the most viable route for compensation is generally via a Workers’ Compensation claim. Attorney Brandon Stein represents clients in their Workers’ Compensation claims. A free case review is available.

More About Workers’ Compensation

In Florida, employers with four or more full or part time employees must carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Employers who are in the construction industry must carry Workers’ Compensation if they have just one employee. An injured employee must notify their employer of an injury within 30 days or they lose their right to file a claim. The employee then has up to two years to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. If a claim isn’t filed within two years they will forfeit their claim. If there are witnesses to an accident, the worker should try to obtain their contact information. It is often helpful to write down circumstances related to the injury. Injured workers should obtain medical treatment and a medical evaluation to document the extent and type of injuries incurred on the job.

Common Work Related Injuries

A work related injury is an injury that occurs while the employee is performing their job at work. Employees suffer from a wide variety of workplace injuries and illnesses, including broken bones, herniated discs, tendonitis, repetitive motion injuries, hearing and vision damage, first, second and third degree burns, electrical shocks, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, falls from ladders, scaffolding and heights resulting in paralysis and other severe injuries, knee injuries, leg, ankle and foot injuries, hand injuries and more.

Aventura and South Florida personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Brandon Stein provides aggressive client representation in their Workers’ Compensation claims and appeals. His goal is to serve his clients as thoroughly and effectively as possible. Attorney Stein is responsive and attentive to his clients and he makes himself available to answer their questions, return their phone calls and emails and to keep them apprised of their case developments. There are no fees in Workers’ Compensation and personal injury cases unless the case is favorably settled or otherwise resolved. For a complimentary consultation, contact Attorney Brandon Stein by calling 786-766-8701.