Children’s Injuries Attorney

Children are especially prone to injuries for various reasons. For one thing, children – particularly younger children – are extremely active and constantly in motion. Because children are continually growing, they are constantly learning about their bodies, motor skills and ability to balance. They often take different types of risks, such as climbing, jumping off of heights, hanging from buildings and trees, riding bikes fast, etc. However, childcare facilities, professionals (such as psychologists and doctors), teachers, camp counselors and athletic coaches are entrusted with the care of these children and they have the duty to properly supervise them and to create safe environments for them. If your child was injured while in the care of a daycare facility, school, camp or other facility, you may have a legitimate personal injury cause of action if negligence is established. Attorney Brandon Stein represents injured children and their parents. A free consultation is available to discuss your case.

Serious Children’s Injuries

Only one thing matters: your child’s safety. If your child was injured by any of the following examples, you may have a cause of action: a defective or poorly designed product (e.g., high chair breaks and the child falls and is injured), a swimming pool injury, a trampoline injury, an injury in school, on school grounds or in a school bus, poisoning, slip, trip and fall, negligent supervision by babysitter, daycare provider and more.

In fact, some of the most catastrophic injuries suffered by children occur during the use of inflatable amusements, such as bounce houses or moon bounces. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 113,272 children injuries occurred during the years 2003-2013 that required emergency treatment intervention. While parental supervision is highly important when it comes to your children playing in bounce houses and other inflatable amusements, the company that provides the entertainment is also responsible for the maintenance and operation to ensure the product is in a reasonably safe condition and being used for its intended purpose. SteinLaw Personal Injury Lawyers represent children injured due to defective or dangerous bounce houses or other inflatable amusements.

Compensation for Children’s Injuries

Any parent whose child was injured by a preventable car or bus accident, physical or sexual assault or other situation (such as listed above) should contact an attorney immediately to discuss possible legal options. If a child is sexually assaulted or harmed, authorities should be notified immediately.

Attorney Brandon Stein Offers a Free Case Review; No Legal Fees Unless Your Case is Favorably Resolved

Attorney Brandon Stein is especially interested in making sure that a party who harmed a child or allowed harm to result is held accountable for their negligent or intentional conduct. Child injury cases are especially delicate and Attorney Stein will handle your case with the utmost sensitivity, compassion and respect. He offers a free case review, in which you can discuss the details of your case in complete confidence and review your legal options. There are no legal fees in contingency fee cases unless your case is successfully resolved or won in court. To schedule your free appointment, call Attorney Brandon Stein at 877.STEINLAW.