Florida Cruise Ship Accident Attorney

Under maritime law, cruise ship passengers are invitees and are owed the highest standard of care. Cruise ship passengers may not realize that the cruise ship is responsible for their safety while on the cruise ship as well as while being transported to and from the ship. The cruise company has a duty to provide safe, clean and sanitary conditions for all passengers and crew. If you were injured or otherwise harmed by cruise ship negligence, it is advisable to contact an attorney to discuss your options and to preserve your rights to compensation. Attorney Brandon Stein represents injured cruise ship passengers and offers a free case review.

Various Cruise Ship Injuries and Accidents

If there was a wet, greasy, oily or otherwise slippery floor, and a passenger slipped, fell and was injured as a result of walking on it, the cruise ship may indeed be liable for damages due to negligence. Even if there was a warning sign, further investigation may reveal cruise ship negligence. Additionally, there are many different conditions that may cause injuries, including sinking, flipping, grounded, stranded at sea, nonworking toilets, sickness from on-deck sewage, contaminated food and water and more. The cruise ship is also responsible for passenger drownings, fires, accidents and unsafe circumstances due to inept or insufficient security (e.g., physical assault or rape resulting from lack of security), swimming pool injuries, jet ski injuries, and basically all foreseeable passenger harm.

In Florida, Cruise Ship Personal Injury Actions Have a One Year Statute of Limitations

Cruise ship lawsuits are often subject to a one-year statute of limitations. This means that a cause of action must commence within one year or the passenger loses their right to pursue compensation. If you experienced an injury on a cruise ship, or while under their care or supervision, it is advisable to contact your lawyer well before this statute expires. If you were injured on a cruise ship, you may be in a position to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and more. If a loved one lost their life, the survivors may seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Florida Attorney Brandon Stein provides personalized and aggressive representation to injured cruise ship passengers. Each client is treated with great respect and compassion. Attorney Stein is known as a plaintiff’s rights attorney because he fights for the client’s personal rights and especially for their rights to compensation. Attorney Stein provides representation in virtually all areas of personal injury law, including automobile and motor vehicle accidents, premises liability law, work related accidents and much more. To schedule your free case review, contact Attorney Brandon Stein at 786-766-8701.