Florida Negligent Security Attorney

Commercial and business property owners have a duty to provide adequate security for their guests, visitors, residents, renters, shoppers, passers-by and the public in general. The property owners are required to protect people from the intentional criminal conduct of others, particularly when this type of conduct is foreseeable. When is this foreseeable? Generally, when the property owner is aware of prior attacks either on their own property or on similar property nearby. Sadly, failure to provide adequate security may result in assaults, robberies, rapes or death. If you are a victim of this type of crime, or if a loved one lost their life, it is advisable to contact a Florida negligent security attorney to discuss your options. Attorney Brandon Stein offers a complimentary case review to discuss your options.

When is Security Negligent?

Proper security measures include hiring competent security guards, installing a security guard station, patrolling the premises on a regular and continual basis, installing bright lighting in all areas, installing appropriate security communications systems, installing security cameras throughout the property, making sure individuals are not hiding or living on the property, and more. Effective security requires vigilance and effort. Virtually all public areas should have proper security, including restaurants, malls, shopping centers, restaurants, schools, universities, offices and office buildings, banks, ATM machines, nightclubs, parking lots, hotels, apartment buildings, condominiums and much more.

Compensation for Crime Victims Resulting from Negligent Security

In Florida, The Bureau of Victim Compensation provides benefits for crime victims and their families, including wage loss reimbursement, loss of support compensation, disability allowance, funeral and burial expenses, medical and non-medical treatment, counseling, property loss reimbursement for the elderly, domestic violence relocation, sexual battery relocation and more. Your attorney can help you with this process. Your attorney may pursue a personal injury claim against the property owner for failing to provide adequate security. Damages may include medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and more. If death occurred due to negligent or intentional conduct, the survivors may file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Contact Negligent Security Attorney Brandon Stein for a Complimentary Case Review

Attorney Brandon Stein provides aggressive and personalized legal representation to victims who have been harmed by negligent security circumstances. Attorney Stein returns the client’s phone calls and emails quickly and you will be updated as the case progresses. He will fight on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve. There are no legal fees in a contingency fee case unless your case is favorably resolved by settlement or verdict. Attorney Stein represents clients in virtually all personal injury cases and offers a complimentary case review to discuss your options. To schedule your free in-person or phone consultation, call Florida Attorney Brandon Stein at 877.STEINLAW.