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Domenick Lazzara

Dom Law has referred a number of its own business clients to SteinLaw with excellent results. As you can imagine, it takes a great deal of trust and confidence in a lawyer and law firm to entrust a loyal business client to another lawyer and law firm. Time and time again, Stein Law has proved deserving of such trust and instilled in us the utmost confidence in referring our business clients to Stein Law for their personal injury claims. Thank you, Brandon Stein, and everyone at SteinLaw!

Debora Tennant 

Dear Mr. Stein,

Thank you for your consideration in the below mentioned matter. I appreciate the time that your assistant Alejandra took with me over the phone as well as the time you also took to review the facts. Alejandra is a great asset to your firm. She was extremely professional, kind, caring and patient. I wish you and your colleagues all the best. Be well and stay safe.

Richard U

I would like to thank the firm for their professional work as representing me, We’re very helpful in all phases of the case to the end all the staff is very knowledgeable in there areas of expertise don’t be afraid to ask questions they are there for you.

Like to thank you Mr. Stein for your help Shalom.

Otniel Castillo

I want to start by sending my regards to everyone in Stein Law. The team is great, especially Adrian Miguel who’s been with me since day one. With patience, which is the key to success, he managed my case carefully & thoroughly. When you think of a lawyer due to an accident, slip, or fall, THINK STEIN LAW BEST OF THE BEST!

Anderson Paul

Amazing Law Firm!! Attorney’s Brandon Stein & Jason Stein were phenomenal. They were there for my wife along the whole way, never missed a beat. They settled my wife case quickly and the communication was constant. I never felt as if I had to stay on top of them nor constantly check. They assisted my wife in every aspect from referring the best doctors to treat her condition to suggesting in the best way to move forward with her case. I would recommend STEIN LAW!!! to any and everyone I need of legal assistance. I have dealt with several attorney’s and I must say that I’ve never had as much clarity, honesty, nor ever been so in tune with what’s taking place within my or my wife’s case. Guys I thank you for everything and ask that you never stop treating people the special way that you treat them because it’s what makes you guys so awesome and differentiates you from the rest. I also must say that office staff is amazing, professional, and always willing to assist in any way possible. Not to mention the space is always cleaned spotless and well organized.

Shaya Markovic

My office has referred numerous cases to Stein Law. They have all been handled professionally. I would recommend Brandon and will continue referring his office cases in the future.

Lori Ann

Highly recommend this law firm. Very professional, they take care of your stress and worries so you don’t have to!

Dr Dvorkin

I have known Brandon personally & professionally for the better part of the last 6 years. He is a true professional and a caring attorney who is extremely through in everything he does. I have seen the way he interacts with his clients AND with Insurance companies. He ALWAYS answers his phone, responds to emails and answer EVERY question from his clients. I have seen the way he deals with Insurance companies and he ALWAYS fights for what he believes his clients are due. Brandon and his team get MAXIMUM recovery for his clients and walks them through the entire process. Brandon is a Fantastic attorney who his an EXPERT at what he does!

Esmeralda Franjul

I am very pleased with the performance, professionalism and determination of Mr. Stein. Throughout my case, he was always patient in explaining details/developments of my case . I greatly appreciate and thank you for your sharp eye in handling my litigation.

Shaya Markovic

I’ve worked with Brandon and Stein Law on numerous cases and his office has always been professional and courteous. I would recommend this firm for your personal injury case.

Alexander Irlin

Top personal injury attorneys in Florida and beyond!

Domenick Lazzara

As the proud owner of Dom Law, PA, in Ybor City, Florida, I cannot recommend attorney Brandon Stein and the entire Stein Law Team enough. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Brandon on a number of cases, ranging from my time as a small firm, and stretching as far back as law school. Mr. Stein is a fantastic lawyer, person, and passionate advocate. To this day, I refer my closes friends and clients to Mr. Stein because I know they will receive the best treatment, and ultimately, the justice they deserve. Thank you, Mr. Stein and Stein Law!

Oscar Soto

I am forever grateful for the effort and support from everyone at Stein law. They made a really difficult situation easier to navigate. I was constantly informed of every step and situation that would be coming. My case wa settled in what I consider a relative short time (17 months). Their knowledge of the law helped me get a really great settlement, I highly recommend them without hesitation . Brandon and Jason thank you so so much for everything

Jason Valentin

Very professional and gets results!

AJ Yolofsky

Brandon has been one of my go-to personal injury attorneys for more than 5 years running. He’s handled cases for some of my close friends and their families. Everyone has come back to me describing their satisfaction with his results, professionalism, and most of all – the personal attentive service he gives to clients. If you or someone close to you has been injured, you would be wise to consult with Brandon about your options.

Dani McCoy

This law office was helpful is several ways. Brandon Stein and staff were amazing!!! They helped me every little issue pertaining to my accident. I literally didn’t have to much at all Stein and company handled everything! I highly refer these guys.

Franz Wakefield

Having Stein Law as my counsel, I am more than ecstatic about the results that the firm was able to secure for me; and I can honestly communicate to you that working with Stein Law and their support staff was the BEST EXPERIENCE that I have had with a law firm, ever. Their Team is punctual, smart in every way of litigation; from acquiring the evidence needed to win, to closing the deal to provide the highest value to the client by making them whole again. Feel secure to know that with Stein Law you have a winning Team behind you!

John Fitzgerald III

Jason Stein went above and beyond to help me in my personal injury case. I would highly recomend Jason and Stein law to anyone who is looking for help …Thank you To everyone at Stein Law ..God Bless

Osvlado D

I want to acknowledge that during the time I was with SteinLaw I was always treated well and was never in the dark about my case. In one word “professionalism” is all I can say about Brandon Stein and his staff. 2 thumbs up in my book.

Philomene Carrenard

I will definitely recommend SteinLaw. I never expected to get that kind of cash back. I was just looking to have medical services, with that only with nothing out of pocket . . . and I got medical services plus cash. Pretty impressive.

Latoya S

I am very pleased with my settlement. I felt welcomed and everyone at SteinLaw is courteous and kind. It was well worth the wait. Negotiation process took some time, but overall well put together. The most important thing is they are good at what they do and very professional.

Sheryl Campo

I have used SteinLaw on two occasions. First to get my medical bills paid in a “slip and fall” case and second for an injury my mother had while on a cruise. In each instance, Brandon Stein and his team, brought the case to a fair settlement and all issues and bills were resolved. His professionalism, knowledge and courteous staff were a plus. I would not hesitate using SteinLaw again if the need arose and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants an excellent Personal Injury Attorney.

Caroline R

I am very grateful for the dedication and hard work SteinLaw put into my family’s and my case. We are very satisfied with the outcome and appreciate the staff’s hard work.

Silvia Barkova-Lavy

Highly recommend using help of SteinLaw. Very professional, caring staff with highest satisfactional result. They were really helpful and give us explanation step by step. Never promised something they could not deliver. I will use them if needed for sure again. Thank you for representing me.

Albia Orta

My experience with SteinLaw was way more than I expected. Remarkable job on all of their parts. I was shocked when I received my portion. I would definitely refer anyone to their firm. What can I say they are the best!!

Wilnneisha J

The experience here at SteinLaw was wonderful, honest, and truly professional. This office took my family by the hands and provided the best guidance we needed to get through such a trying time. The process was detailed perfectly and the duration was made comfortable with adequate updates and information.

Nadia Malove

I am writing to state how fully satisfied I am for the great service that Mr. Brandon Stein has given me. I went to his office with no hopes of getting any recovery money for my case. He made everything so easy and got me a lot more money than I every expected. He was always super open to me and kept me informed of all the steps he was taking. I fully recommend him to anyone who needs a caring, professional lawyer. Great job! If you have questions, feel free to call me at any time.

Benilda Guerrero-Ortega

Brandon Stein services have been Phenomenal! The staff, the recommendations, the explanations of my case and treatment have been absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for all your help and I wish you all the best this world has to offer.

Israel Horowitz

I had a very pleasant experience with Brandon Stein and his law firm. They were very helpful with our case from start to finish, we were very well informed and received a great settlement.

Mariam Melo

My experience with SteinLaw was very good. The Lawyer did his job and was able to reach my expectations. I truly do recommend him to others.

Scott Stolley

Brandon Stein was very helpful and very accessible. It was a good experience working with Brandon. He was able to not only help me legally, but ensured that i obtained treatment with doctors in my area, so commuting to them was no problem.

Kenold J

I appreciate the help, y’all are great. As soon as I call the law firm, someone picks up and helps me right away. I cannot complain at all from the service of my attorneys [at] SteinLaw. Thank you. I am grateful.

Juan Boada

I am very satisfied with the attention and legal representation I have received by SteinLaw. Without any hesitation, i recommend their services. From the moment SteinLaw started working with my vehicle accident claim, everything started progressing effectively. The usual complex legal terminology was made easy for any client to understand. Thank you very much to all the staff at SteinLaw.

Nathalie G

Brandon Stein was extremely communicative throughout the process and was able to help settle my case with a positive outcome. Very professional and attentive staff. 100% satisfied.

Giovanni B

SteinLaw was very attentive in settling my case and I am thankful for the attorney’s great work. I am also appreciative for SteinLaw’s professional and hard-working staff.

Reynaldo Reyes

My name is Reynaldo Reyes and I am a former client. I was very happy with the job that Brandon Stein did for me. He is very professional and on top of his thing. Thank you so much.

Glenn O

Brandon and his team were very helpful in dealing with my case. They kept me in the loop with all matters pertaining to my case. I would be happy to recommend SteinLaw to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney.

Loriann Black

My experience with Attorney Brandon Stein was a very pleasant one. He treats his clients with respect and communicates in a timely fashion. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He works diligently to settle your case. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking an personal injury attorney.

Victoria Hernandez

10/10 would recommend. Very professional and attentive service. Paralegal Heidi was exceptionally helpful.

Daisy Hernandez

This firm displays the best helping hand. They assure you receive the settlement you deserve, I’m more than pleased with the closing of my case.

Jacky Aguilar

I had the best imaginable experience, paralegal Rebecca was a great help, never made me feel like I was asking too much. She dealt with my questions rapidly and thoroughly.

Yahaira Lopez

I received positive results throughout my contact with this firm. Mr. Miguel the attorney on my case was of acceptable assistance in representing me. I personally recommended this firm to family and friends for future matters

Maria Morgado

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a thoroughly outstanding job that they did for me in my medical malpractice case. Paralegal Evelin was a complete professional in the handling of my case. Kept me well informed on every aspect of the case from start to finish.

Jeffrey Franjul

I am very pleased with the performance, professionalism and determination of Mr. Stein. Throughout my case, he was always very quick to respond, made himself available and always patient in explaining details/developments of my case. I greatly appreciate and thank you for your sharp eye in handling my litigation.


Very pleased with the staff and the attention given to me as my case progresses.


Courteous and professional law firm.


Very satisfied with my settlement. From the beginning to the end I received status and clear explanations of my case result.


Stein law helped me tremendously thank to them I got my claim.


Even though attorneys have a very busy schedule from the beginning to the end I was able to have direct contact with the attorneys at Steinlaw along with his staff who were always available and willing to help with any concern.

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