aboutus-picFew things in life are more stressful than having serious legal issues that require immediate attention. When a person has a health issue that requires treatment, choosing a qualified and competent doctor is of the utmost importance. Similarly, when a person is injured in an accident in Florida, choosing a qualified and competent lawyer is essential. In fact, for any legal issue a person is burdened with, the choice of a lawyer is the first step to achieving the maximum recovery for any given case.

At SteinLaw, maximum recovery for a case can be viewed in the very literal sense, meaning significant compensation for your loss. Yet, maximum recovery for a non-personal injury case in Florida, or anywhere for that matter, can be viewed figuratively, meaning obtaining the highest level of satisfaction with the outcome of your case. Brandon Stein, along with the entire SteinLaw team, is dedicated to obtaining that maximum level of recovery for your case.

Unlike most, if not all, law firms in Florida, clients of SteinLaw are afforded the ability to contact their attorney directly. Each and every client is given the direct telephone number of their lawyer in order to achieve a level of comfort and reliability in the handling of your case. Brandon Stein, the owner and founder of SteinLaw, preaches the importance of client service. We recognize that the legal process is rarely a pleasurable experience for clients, so affording the client the ease of mind in getting their question or concern addressed immediately by an attorney is extremely important. Because at SteinLaw, you are a name, and not a number.

We welcome the opportunity to help you and would be proud to welcome you into the SteinLaw family.