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Anderson Paul

Amazing Law Firm!! Attorney’s Brandon Stein & Jason Stein were phenomenal. They were there for my wife along the whole way, never missed a beat. They settled my wife case quickly and the communication was constant. I never felt as if I had to stay on top of them nor constantly check. They assisted my wife in every aspect from referring the best doctors to treat her condition to suggesting in the best way to move forward with her case. I would recommend STEIN LAW!!! to any and everyone I need of legal assistance. I have dealt with several attorney’s and I must say that I’ve never had as much clarity, honesty, nor ever been so in tune with what’s taking place within my or my wife’s case. Guys I thank you for everything and ask that you never stop treating people the special way that you treat them because it’s what makes you guys so awesome and differentiates you from the rest. I also must say that office staff is amazing, professional, and always willing to assist in any way possible. Not to mention the space is always cleaned spotless and well organized.

Brandon Stein

Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Stein is a Florida based trial attorney born in Queens, New York, and was raised in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Being the son of an accountant that owns a large firm in New Jersey, owning and operating a business is something that was engrained within Brandon Stein from a very young age...[READ BIO]

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