Treatment for Injury

Second District Court of Appeal Overturns Trial Court Ruling in Controversial Personal Injury Case

JULY 21, 2016: Being a personal injury lawyer that represents those hurt in car accidents in Florida, proving that the plaintiff sustained a permanent injury from the crash is extremely important to maximize their recovery.  In other words, without presenting expert testimony identifying permanency of injuries from the accident, virtually the only element of damages available are for medical expenses and lost wages.  A damage award including pain and suffering in the past and the future is unavailable to any person that has not successfully presented evidence establishing that the accident has caused a permanent injury. Recently, the issue surrounding permanency of

Aventura Accident Lawyer Blog: What am I supposed to do following a car accident or slip and fall injury?

DECEMBER 2, 2013: For the person injured in an accident in Florida, the one job he or she has is to obtain medical treatment immediately and continuously.  Being a personal injury attorney in Aventura, the one and only job I give to my clients when they come into my office is to keep up with their treatment and therapy.  The sure fire way to diminish your claim is to have significant gaps in treatment. In Florida, even though a person is injured in a car accident or slip and fall, and the other party is clearly at fault, inconsistent treatment can extremely