Children’s Injury

What You Should Know About Car Seat Safety

Strapping your child into the car is a critically important action for your child’s safety in the event of an accident. No one can predict a crash, but you can prepare for one as a parent. One study found that at least 618,000 children rode in vehicles without the appropriate car seat at least some of the time. About 35% of children ages 12 and younger who died in car accidents in 2015 were not buckled up. Help keep your child from becoming a statistic. Get the facts on car seat safety to protect your precious cargo. Always Read Manufacturer’s Guidelines When

Beach and Water Safety Tips to Prevent Serious Injury this Summer

July 5, 2016: Exercising appropriate safety measures when venturing into the water is good practice whether you are an adult or a child.  Serious personal injury or even fatalities occur every year to those being careless while engaging in recreational water activity. As an Aventura Personal Injury Lawyer, injuries resulting from water, including drownings, are fairly prevalent in the State of Florida. Injured in an accident?  Contact our Personal Injury Attorneys today by CLICKING HERE! CLICK ON THE INFOGRAPHIC BELOW FOR SOME KEY TIPS WHEN PARTICIPATING IN BEACH AND WATER ACTIVITIES.  

Bounce House Related Injuries on the Rise for Children

FEBRUARY 28, 2016: As a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, children injuries are typically the most emotionally difficult cases to litigate.  In most situations, comparative fault can be applied to plaintiffs, but it is much more challenging to blame a defenseless child for an accident.  For attorneys helping those injured in bounce house accidents, the plaintiff is typically a young child hurt while using or occupying the apparatus. While it is certainly a parental responsibility to supervise their child, when it comes to dangerous instrumentalities such as bounce houses, the vendor holds ultimately responsibility ensuring the safe use of its product.  Proper instruction

Children’s Hoverboards May Lead to Products Liability Actions

JANUARY 16, 2016: Being a North Miami Beach personal injury lawyer that helps those hurt in a variety of accidents, without question the most common are slip and falls and car crashes.  However, some of the most severe injuries occur as a result of defective products or product liability.  And often times products that are deemed defective are those that are produced and manufactured in mass quantities, such as children’s toys. As the holiday season comes to an end, children’s “hoverboards” have been the most sought after toy by parents all over the world.  These hoverboards are essentially two-wheeled motorized skateboard/scooter type

July Fourth Fireworks Safety Keys

JULY 4, 2015: As the July 4th holiday has arrived, fireworks are a time-honored American tradition.  And the inherently dangerous activity of fireworks use leads to thousands of injuries each year, including burn-related injuries.  Being an Aventura Accident Lawyer, personal injury resulting from dangerous activities, such as fireworks, can be prevented by following some important advice disseminated by the National Fire Protection Agency. CLICK ON THE INFOGRAPHIC BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION AND A LARGER IMAGE.