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Dockless Scooters in Miami

If you’ve ever been to Miami, you know that it can be quite crowded and dangerous to be around in. With the amount of heavy traffic and the streets stuffed with Ubers and taxis, it can be almost impossible to think about travelling anywhere, let alone in your own car or vehicle. As such, there have been plenty of attempts to bring about a more affordable and easier way to travel around the city, and just recently, the return of one such mode of transportation has been approved. Welcome back dockless scooters and get ready to be either happy or

The Pros and Cons of Using a Dash Cam in Your Vehicle

The main pro of using a dash cam in your vehicle is it can help you record a car accident to prove liability isn’t yours and prove the negligence of another driver. The con is that the dash cam recording doesn’t always help you if the recording proves uses GPS location to prove you were speeding even slightly. See below for more details. Car accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injury lawsuits in America. While many car crashes result from clear negligence on the part of one of the drivers involved, most are far more nebulous or

10 Toys Parents Should NOT Get Their Kids

As a parent, you already worry about the safety of your child – you shouldn’t have to worry about added risks from defective and dangerous toys. Unfortunately, defective products are a part of life as consumers in America. Here are 10 toys to avoid:

Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddles Family

Manufacturer: Jazwares, LLC Retailers: Target, The warning label on this toy includes a choking hazard due to small parts. However, this choking label mysteriously disappears on some of this product’s packaging. Other packages of the same toys say they are safe for children as young as two, with no choking warning.

Kids Time Baby Children’s

Safety Recalls Cause Concern for Drivers of Acura and Honda Vehicles

MARCH 28, 2016: As a Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami that helps those injured in car accidents, the typical third party that is the subject of a lawsuit is the driver of the other vehicle.  However, in a very small percentage of accidents, a person’s own vehicle manufacturer may hold some or all responsibility for the incident.  For example, if a person is rear-ended at a high rate of speed and the airbags fail to deploy, then the driver and passengers of that vehicle may have an action against the manufacturer of the vehicle, such as Toyota or Ford. In fact, just

Bounce House Related Injuries on the Rise for Children

FEBRUARY 28, 2016: As a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, children injuries are typically the most emotionally difficult cases to litigate.  In most situations, comparative fault can be applied to plaintiffs, but it is much more challenging to blame a defenseless child for an accident.  For attorneys helping those injured in bounce house accidents, the plaintiff is typically a young child hurt while using or occupying the apparatus. While it is certainly a parental responsibility to supervise their child, when it comes to dangerous instrumentalities such as bounce houses, the vendor holds ultimately responsibility ensuring the safe use of its product.  Proper instruction