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Dockless Scooters in Miami

If you’ve ever been to Miami, you know that it can be quite crowded and dangerous to be around in. With the amount of heavy traffic and the streets stuffed with Ubers and taxis, it can be almost impossible to think about travelling anywhere, let alone in your own car or vehicle. As such, there


Bounce House Related Injuries on the Rise for Children

As a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, children injuries are typically the most emotionally difficult cases to litigate.  In most situations, comparative fault can be applied to plaintiffs, but it is much more challenging to blame a defenseless child for an accident.  For attorneys helping those injured in bounce house accidents, the plaintiff is typically a


Children’s Hoverboards May Lead to Products Liability Actions

JANUARY 16, 2016: Being a North Miami Beach personal injury lawyer that helps those hurt in a variety of accidents, without question the most common are slip and falls and car crashes.  However, some of the most severe injuries occur as a result of defective products or product liability.  And often times products that are


July Fourth Fireworks Safety Keys

As July 4th rolls around, the air is filled with the scent of barbecues and the sky lights up with fireworks. For many, Independence Day isn’t complete without this pyrotechnic tradition. However, while fireworks are undoubtedly awe-inspiring, they also pose a significant safety risk. Each year, thousands of people are injured due to fireworks, with


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