Auto Accident Settlement Timeline: What You Can Expect in Court

Types of Car Insurance Coverage for Personal Injury

Car insurance coverage for personal injury can provide compensation for medical expenses and lost wages if you, one of your passengers, or another driver are injured in an accident. Depending on who’s at fault, your insurance or the other driver’s insurance should pay. However, you should understand the types of car insurance that cover personal injury before you seek compensation. Bodily Injury Liability Coverage If an accident is the other driver’s fault, their bodily injury liability coverage will pay your medical bills. You won’t need to pay a deductible or deal with an increase in your insurance rates. You could even receive

Is Lane-Splitting Legal in Florida?

Motorcycles are smaller, narrower, and generally more maneuverable than standard passenger vehicles. Due to their nature, many motorcyclists irresponsibly choose to engage in dangerous maneuvers on the road, taking advantage of their bikes’ smaller frames to weave in and out of traffic like no other vehicle can. One maneuver that is legal in some states is lane-splitting, and the term describes any time a motorcyclist passes between two lanes of slower or stopped traffic. Although some states do not consider lane-splitting illegal, Florida is not one of them. Motorcyclists in Florida should understand the law concerning lane splitting and acknowledge

How to File an Auto Claim with Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

Florida Farm Bureau Auto insurance provides policy holders with a wide range of coverage options with varying premium rates. It’s important for drivers to understand their auto insurance policy and their liability in the event of an auto accident in Florida. It’s also vital to know how to file a claim if you find yourself in a car accident. Coverage Options Most auto insurance policies have specific requirements for covering claims against a policy. Remember, insurance companies lose money when they pay out on claims, so they typically look for any issues that could disqualify policy holders from obtaining the full amount

Miami Car Accident Advice

If you live in Miami, you are probably familiar with the fact that the roads can get crazy. Here’s what happened in a recent story that has made headlines in Miami and what you can learn from it. The Details Earlier this week, the driver of the silver Infiniti SUV crossed the median on Biscayne Blvd. and NE 36th street. He crashed into oncoming traffic and struck a vehicle. Rather than staying and waiting for authorities to arrive, he fled. He was later arrested by police. Once in custody, police discovered he’s had nearly 20 traffic citations for reckless driving. He was also high