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Negligent Security

Why Do I Need a Florida Negligent Security Lawyer?

Security is a major factor when choosing a property to rent. But what if a security breach happens and either you or your loved one is injured? Can you hold the property owner accountable for the insecurity breach? Well, yes you can! Property owners are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their


Rape & Sexual Assault Due to Negligent Security

How Premises Liability Laws Can Affect Sexual Assault Cases in Florida Owners of shopping centers, nightclubs, and other commercial properties have a duty to provide a safe, secure place for customers and guests. Unfortunately, property owners sometimes fail in this duty and make it easier for a criminal assault like rape to occur. When this


The Relationship Between Negligence & Personal Injury Law

Negligence is a significant part of personal injury law. When someone acts carelessly and causes an injury to another person, the responsible party is liable under the legal principle of negligence. This method for determining fault is used in most disputes that involve an accident or injury. These include informal settlement talks and trials in