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Why Do I Need a Florida Negligent Security Lawyer?

Florida Negligent Security Lawyer

Security is a major factor when choosing a property to rent. But what if a security breach happens and either you or your loved one is injured? Can you hold the property owner accountable for the insecurity breach? Well, yes you can! Property owners are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their tenants. 

Making a claim after an injury can prove to be a nightmare as property owners are likely to dodge your pleas for an agreement or compensation. But with the help of a Florida negligent security lawyer, you will not have to worry about the stressful process. Expert help from lawyers will ensure you get the justice you deserve and fair compensation seamlessly through a negligent security lawsuit.

What Is a Security Negligent Lawsuit?

This is a case filed against a property owner when a security failure causes injury to a tenant or visitor. Security lapses can be a result of ignorance from the property owner or failure to avail basic security needs to mitigate future attacks.

If you or a loved one is a victim of this type of crime, we can help you seek justice. Contact our  Florida Negligent Security lawyers to discuss your options.

Examples of Negligent Security Cases

Examples of Negligent Security Cases

Negligence lawsuits do not necessarily have to be associated with robberies or attacks. It’s all about ensuring your personal safety within the property. So, which other cases call for a negligent security lawsuit? Here are a few examples:

  • Fights during events where security fails to intervene
  • Assault in dimly lit parking garages
  • Assault in hostels/dormitories where security was lax
  • Poor monitoring of ATMs
  • Poor lighting of crucial amenities such as elevators, stairs and halls. These utilities are hotspots for aggressors.

Finding the Ideal Negligent Security Lawyer

Negligent security law in Florida has attracted a huge number of lawyers. Before you begin searching through various firms, you need to play your part as the plaintiff. So, what should you provide to initiate legal action?

  • Prove that the crime happened as a result of a security breach
  • Prove that you made the property owner (defendant) aware about the injury.
  • Ensure that 4 years have not lapsed since the injury occurred

With this information at hand, the lawyer can now build a strong case that will result in fair compensation and justice for you or your loved one. However, not every lawyer can guarantee a fair hearing in court. Therefore, it is important that you choose your lawyer wisely. So, how can you settle for the ideal negligent security lawyer?

Check Their Experience

In the law industry, experience matters. Finding a lawyer who has represented other plaintiffs and won inspires a sense of confidence. Experienced lawyers know how to build a solid case that can convince the jury to award a fair hearing for both parties. 

Check the Legal Fees

One factor that will ultimately prove whether you settle for a lawyer is their legal fee. 

At SteinLaw, there are no legal fees in a contingency fee case unless your case is favorably resolved by settlement or verdict. To schedule your free case evaluation, call Florida Negligent Security Lawyer Brandon Stein today.

Check for Reliability

When hiring a negligent security lawyer, you want a hands-on expert who will devote their time to your lawsuit. With a reliable lawyer, not only do you get value for your money, but you also have a chance to get details of the entire process. 

At SteinLaw, each and every client is given the direct telephone number of their lawyer in order to achieve a level of comfort and reliability in the handling of your case. We want to make sure you get the justice and compensation you deserve!

Processing the Negligent Security Lawsuit

Negligent Security Florida Lawyers

Once you have settled for the perfect law firm, the lawyers will start by gathering evidence such as medical reports, police records, and witness statements. Thereafter, the lawsuit will be filed awaiting a hearing date. Throughout the process, your lawyers will present any additional information or statements as requested by the court. 

With time, the lawsuit will be concluded or a trial date will be set. A reliable Florida negligent security lawyer will provide details of the legal process and ensure you get a fair hearing.

Importance of Hiring a Negligent Security Lawyer

Representing yourself in a court of law is not only challenging but also your chances of winning are very minimal. For this reason, the services of a negligent security lawyer will come in handy to stand a chance of any compensation. So, why do you really need legal representation?

Lawyers Are Knowledgeable

Winning a lawsuit is all about interpreting the law. Hiring a competent lawyer will ensure they adopt the law to prove liability against the defendant. With a knowledgeable lawyer, there’s a high likelihood you will receive a worthwhile compensation.

Lawyer Brandon Stein provides aggressive and personalized legal representation to victims who have been harmed by negligent security circumstances.

Lawyers Have Experience

Fighting negligent property owners and their lawyers require a high level of skill that can only be nurtured over years of practice. Remember, the proprietor doesn’t want to compensate hence they will hire the best legal minds. But with an experienced and competent lawyer, you can stand up to the maneuvering and bring the truth to light, essentially getting justice for the tragic event. 

Lawyers Have Cultivated Their Reputations

Hiring a lawyer who has constantly won cases is a plus for you in court. Reputable lawyers improve your chances of winning since their lawsuits always attract keen interest from the jury/judge.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive From a Negligent Security Lawsuit?

Compensation From a Negligent Security Lawsuit - Florida Lawyer

The compensation you receive will be dictated by the extent of damages/injuries you suffered. The compensation offered for successful lawsuits in Florida are as follows:

Special damages

This compensation plan is awarded for economic losses whose value can be measured in a specific financial amount. Events that may necessitate such compensation include:

  • Damaged property
  • Loss of income
  • Current and future medical expenses

General damages

Under this compensation plan, you are awarded for damages that do not have any monetary value. Such cases include:

  • Mental instability
  • Pain and suffering

Punitive damages

This compensation is awarded if your cause of injury is as a result of someone’s willful or malicious intent. In essence, this compensation is awarded to punish the aggressors.

Negligent security law is aimed at ensuring property owners do not abscond their responsibility of providing basic security features. Understanding the importance of this law and how to seek help will go a long way towards creating a secure environment at home, workplace, and other public/private locations. 

At SteinLaw, not only will we help recover damages for your injuries, but we will also fight to get you justice! For more information, please contact our experienced Florida Negligent Security lawyers today.

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