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Plantation Gas Explosion: Who Is Liable for Damages?

On Saturday, July 6, a massive explosion destroyed a building, damaged others, and left 23 people injured in Plantation, Florida. While the investigation into the cause of the accident has only begun, several victims already have plans to sue. The only trouble is determining the cause of the accident, and liability may take months. The gas explosion occurred at the Market on University shopping center in Plantation. Altogether, 23 people were hurt in the accident, including a child at the childcare area of LA Fitness, and 19 were taken to area hospitals, including Westside Regional Medical Center, Plantation General Hospital, and

Dockless Scooters in Miami

If you’ve ever been to Miami, you know that it can be quite crowded and dangerous to be around in. With the amount of heavy traffic and the streets stuffed with Ubers and taxis, it can be almost impossible to think about travelling anywhere, let alone in your own car or vehicle. As such, there have been plenty of attempts to bring about a more affordable and easier way to travel around the city, and just recently, the return of one such mode of transportation has been approved. Welcome back dockless scooters and get ready to be either happy or

Starting a New Workout Routine This Year? Avoid Personal Injury With These Tips

The most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or to get healthier by making adjustments to your current lifestyle. If you’re looking to make positive lifestyle choices in the New Year, good for you! Exercising regularly can reduce your risk of heart attack, lower your “bad” cholesterol, decrease your blood pressure, and help you sleep better at night. However, it’s important to approach any change in your fitness routine with caution. Doing too much too soon can lead to injury, so take the right approach. Here are some tips for getting back into your exercise groove, while limiting

Who Is Liable After a Shark Attack?

According to data from the Florida Museum of Natural History, there have been 244 reported shark attacks in the State of Florida from 2007 to 2016 – one of which was fatal. Shark attacks may be less common than other types of personal injury accidents, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in the civil court system. Depending on the circumstances, injured victims may have grounds to sue the beach owner, city, lifeguard on duty, tour company, or other entity. Recovering for a shark bite injury is possible if the injured person can prove four main elements: The Defendant