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Auto Accident Settlement Timeline: What You Can Expect in Court

Auto Accident Settlement Timeline: What You Can Expect in Court If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, there is a long process ahead before you’ll receive your settlement. Here’s an auto accident settlement timeline. Consulting with Experts The first thing you should do after being involved in an accident is contact an expert.  It’s important to compile as many details as you can from verified sources that will help prove your case. Various experts will likely have to be consulted regarding specific aspects of the accident, including any injuries that were sustained. These experts could include your doctor, accident reconstruction specialists, and mechanical or civil

Florida Good Samaritan Act and How It Affects You

  Most Americans are familiar with the fable of the “Good Samaritan,” which tells of a man who renders aid to a wounded stranger. Many American lawmakers have created “Good Samaritan” laws designed to encourage citizens to go out of their way to help others by protecting these individuals from suffering legal repercussions due to their desire to help. This may sound counterintuitive: if someone wants to help an injured person, why should the helper fear legal retaliation for trying to render aid? Put simply, the average passerby more than likely does not have emergency response or medical training and could very

How to File an Auto Claim with Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

Florida Farm Bureau Auto insurance provides policy holders with a wide range of coverage options with varying premium rates. It’s important for drivers to understand their auto insurance policy and their liability in the event of an auto accident in Florida. It’s also vital to know how to file a claim if you find yourself in a car accident. Coverage Options Most auto insurance policies have specific requirements for covering claims against a policy. Remember, insurance companies lose money when they pay out on claims, so they typically look for any issues that could disqualify policy holders from obtaining the full amount

The Florida Department of Transportation and CEI Report is Essential When Injured in a Construction Site Car Accident

DECEMBER 12, 2014: Drivers in Florida are accustomed to traveling through construction zones while driving on roadways and highways.  Under most circumstances, the entity that funds these construction projects existing on the state roadways and highways is the Florida Department of Transportation.  However, with the number of FDOT construction projects occurring throughout the state, it is nearly impossible and not practical for Department of Transportation personnel to manage or oversee these sites. Therefore, the FDOT frequently retains the services of a third party company to serve as a Certified Engineer and Inspector for the project, or most commonly referred to as a

New Incident Reporting Rule Proposed by OSHA

Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSHA In the State of Florida, as well as all over this country, employers are forced to ensure that the proper precautions are in place so that employees are safe.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA for short, is an organization in place with the main purpose of protecting employees while at work.  Without these standards and rules enforced by OSHA, employers would ultimately be free to act as they wish and provide for the safety of its employees as they see fit. Florida highway construction site accident As a Florida highway construction accident lawyer,