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Hurricanes Accident and Safety

Common Types of Homeowner’s Property Damage in Florida

Homeowner’s insurance is one of the most vital forms of protection you can have when you own real estate. In addition to the liability coverage your policy includes if someone is hurt on your property, for example, it also offers financial protection against property damage. Your homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to protect you if


Wrongful Death Caused by a Hurricane – Who Is Liable?

This year’s hurricane season has reached historic proportions. Florida is still cleaning up from Irma, all while keeping a wary eye on the storms that continue to brew far out in the ocean. Irma brought destruction to our state and many citizens are still dealing with the aftermath. Unfortunately, some lost their lives in the


How Can I Protect Myself During Hurricane Season in Florida?

In the aftermath of powerful Hurricane Irma, citizens of Miami puzzle about how to better protect themselves in the face of a natural disaster. Hurricanes have always been a risk of living in Florida. With flooding, evacuations, and property damage still fresh from the recent storm, however, there is no better time to brush up


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