Construction Accident

Miami Bridge Collapse Legal Help

Yesterday, a pedestrian bridge collapsed at the Florida International University campus in Miami. The bridge, which was touted as being a first of it’s kind “instant bridge” was constructed over the weekend and would still be under construction for some time before it would be open to the public for use. The idea behind this new, innovated bridge technology was to cut back on worker’s risk and traffic problems related to lengthy construction times. This is a terrible incident and we are sending our deepest condolences to those affected. If you are looking for Miami bridge collapse legal help, we can provide

10 Leading Causes of Construction Site Accidents in Florida

Florida’s warm weather is prime for construction year round, but that doesn’t mean the Sunshine State is any safer for workers. On the contrary – 747 construction workers died on the job in Florida over the course of just four years. Knowing the leading causes of construction worker deaths in FL can help industry professionals stay safe.

Fall Hazards

The number one danger on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s “Fatal Four” list for the nation’s construction workers is falls. Falls are the leading cause of construction worker deaths in Florida, contributing to one third of all on-the-job deaths in the