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Car Accident Cases Start and End with an Event Data Recorder

The Importance of an Evidence Preservation Letter As an experienced attorney helping those injured in car accidents, the very first thing that must be done on any case is serving the insurance company with an Evidence Preservation Letter. Essentially, this letter is a document kept on file that preserves a hurt person’s right to inspect the other vehicle that caused the accident.  Upon receipt of such a letter by the insurance company, the at-fault vehicle should not be repaired and must be preserved until the personal injury attorney has had an opportunity to inspect the vehicle and its contents. What’s an Event Data

Settling a Personal Injury Claim with an Insurance Company: What You Need to Know

Insurance companies are worth billions upon billions of dollars. Despite what they may say, they don’t reach these valuations and profits by giving money to the people they’re ostensibly ensuring readily. Getting the settlement you rightly deserve from your insurance company can be a battle. If you’re currently settling a personal injury claim with an insurance company, you know this already. But if you’re planning to, here’s what you need to know. How Insurance Companies Verify Your Claims To better understand how an insurance company might deny your claim, it’s helpful to know how an insurance adjuster will go about verifying your claim to

Sinkhole Damage Insurance Claims

Florida homeowners face myriad issues when it comes to protecting their homes and insuring them against potential disasters. Thanks to Florida’s humid climate and swampy terrain, sinkholes are a serious concern for many Florida homeowners. It’s vital for homeowners to understand the dangers posed by sinkholes and what to do in the event a sinkhole damages a home or property. Though many residents have heard the term before, few know the signs that indicate a sinkhole. Understanding Sinkholes A sinkhole forms when the bedrock under the surface soil dissolves. This bedrock supports the soil and substances above it, and many homes depend

How to File an Auto Claim with Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

Florida Farm Bureau Auto insurance provides policy holders with a wide range of coverage options with varying premium rates. It’s important for drivers to understand their auto insurance policy and their liability in the event of an auto accident in Florida. It’s also vital to know how to file a claim if you find yourself in a car accident. Coverage Options Most auto insurance policies have specific requirements for covering claims against a policy. Remember, insurance companies lose money when they pay out on claims, so they typically look for any issues that could disqualify policy holders from obtaining the full amount

Things You Should Never Say to an Insurance Agent After an Accident

You’ve just gotten into a major car accident. You and the driver of the other vehicle both have injuries, and you know you’re at fault for texting and driving behind the wheel. Your car has significant damages and you totaled the other vehicle. Suddenly an insurance adjuster calls you to discuss the accident. Learn what to say – and what not to say – to an insurance agent after a crash to protect your rights. 1. “It Was My Fault” Never admit fault immediately after an accident to anyone at the scene of the crash or to your insurance agent. You may