Highway Construction Accident

Florida Law Provides Help for Plaintiffs Seeking Evidence in a Government Case

SEPTEMBER 13, 2015: Without question, the majority of lawsuits filed in Florida surround private entities and individuals.  However, as a personal injury attorney helping those injured in car and construction accidents, State, County, and Municipalities are sometimes to blame.  For example, in highway construction car accident cases, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is frequently a defendant. In a civil suit, a personal injury lawyer typically uncovers evidence through the discovery process.  This includes requests for production of documents from the other side, depositions, as well as subpoenas for production of documents from non-parties to the lawsuit.  Yet, in cases involving governmental

The Florida Department of Transportation and CEI Report is Essential When Injured in a Construction Site Car Accident

DECEMBER 12, 2014: Drivers in Florida are accustomed to traveling through construction zones while driving on roadways and highways.  Under most circumstances, the entity that funds these construction projects existing on the state roadways and highways is the Florida Department of Transportation.  However, with the number of FDOT construction projects occurring throughout the state, it is nearly impossible and not practical for Department of Transportation personnel to manage or oversee these sites. Therefore, the FDOT frequently retains the services of a third party company to serve as a Certified Engineer and Inspector for the project, or most commonly referred to as a

Staging the Scene Following a Construction Site Accident is a Reality in Florida

NOVEMBER 16, 2014: Driving through a construction zone in the State of Florida can be a very confusing experience.  This is especially true on highways or major state roadways.  Under Florida law, construction companies are required to provide drivers with adequate notice of construction work approaching.  Whether it be lane closures, milling, pavement resurfacing or some other dangerous work, notice to drivers of the hazard is essential to the ultimate prevention of serious car accidents. Being a lawyer that helps those injured in such accidents, the single most important aspect of construction cases is what was present at the time of the

You drink…You drive…You lose

OCTOBER 26, 2014: Florida highways and roadways are riddled with construction sites.  Whether it be an interstate or local road, the safety standards required to be followed by construction companies are typically the same.  Being a lawyer that helps those injured in construction site car accidents, attention to detail is of the utmost importance when evaluating these types of cases. Following an accident within an active construction zone, a comprehensive review of certain traffic control standards is imperative.  And based upon my past experience representing those hurt in these types of accidents, many times proper safety precautions are negligently forgotten, thus leading

Can I Sue the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) After a Highway Car Accident?

Highway Car Accident Lawyer & Suing the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) In Florida, bringing a lawsuit against the Department of Transportation following a highway car accident can be very challenging for a lawyer.  One of the most common instances involving litigation against the Florida Department of Transportation involve a crash occurring within a construction zone.  While a party frequently joined in litigation for these types of cases is the contractor in charge of the construction zone, the FDOT may be joined as a defendant as well. However, Florida Statute 768.28 deters many litigants from pursuit of a claim against the FDOT.