The Eyes and Ears of the Florida Department of Transportation

JULY 20, 2014:

In the State of Florida, hundreds of thousands of drivers travel the highway each day.  And at any given time, a car accident is occurring on those highways.  All too often, the cause of crashes are due to construction projects and driver confusion when entering those areas on the highway.  Frequently, these accidents involve vehicles traveling at high speeds, thus resulting in catastrophic injury to the driver and passengers of the car.

Long before attorneys get involved following these accidents, the Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”) and its hired contractor are on site ensuring that the plans and safety procedures are followed.  As any Floridian or driver in Florida knows, highways do not close simply because construction is occurring.  Precautions are taken, or should be taken, to ensure the safe travel of vehicles through the work zones.

Naturally, the FDOT hired contractor on the project has the ultimate responsibility of ensuring traffic safety throughout construction zones.  Yet, the FDOT does not skate liability of an accident at a highway construction site simply because they tender the project to a contractor.  The question remains as to whether the FDOT can adequately supervise every construction project in Florida with its limited resources and budget.  Accordingly, the FDOT retains the services of a CONSULTANT ENGINEERING AND INSPECTION (“CEI”) company to act as the liaison between the contractor and the Department of Transportation.

In many respects, the CEI is the eyes and ears of the FDOT and ultimately provides contract administration.  As an agent of the Department of Transportation, the CEI has many job responsibilities on a highway construction project – one of which is to provide inspections and ensure that the Traffic Control Plans are followed.  Those Traffic Control Plans are meant to ease the flow of traffic through the construction site while the project is ongoing.  These are frequently the plans that are highly relevant when a car accident occurs in a highway construction site.  In fact, following an injury from an accident and the retainer of an attorney, the CEI is one of the many parties that are the subject of a personal injury investigation.

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Brandon Stein

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