Cruise Ships Face Lawsuits Over Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreaks

Cruise Ships Face Lawsuits Over Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreaks

While Coronavirus has caused a lot of disruption in the everyday life of millions of Americans, no one knows how troublesome it can be as those who have been stranded on cruise ships as a result of the pandemic. Princess Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Lines are two of the companies currently facing lawsuits.

If you are one of the cruise passengers who were quarantined on a ship and experienced the ineffective handling of the outbreak, you might have a case against the cruise line as well. Let’s look at what’s happening with the coronavirus lawsuits.

Princess Cruises Faces Lawsuits

Two Broward County, Florida residents recently filed a negligence suit against Princess Cruises. These residents were on the ship at sea since March 4th, waiting on the testing of passengers and crew members. Ronald and Eva Weissberger were on the Grand Princess, which departed out of San Francisco on February 21st. However, passengers were not allowed to disembark once it arrived back in port until all of the occupants were tested.

Their lawsuit claims that the cruise line was negligent by allowing the ship to depart on February 21. The current suit states that the company already knew that two passengers exhibited signs of coronavirus infection and didn’t do anything to stop the spread. Instead, they allowed all of the other crew members and passengers to be exposed to this deadly virus.

Furthermore, 62 passengers on this cruise were also on the prior trip and were exposed to those passengers that were infected. In fact, one of the infected later died.

This lawsuit also claims that the screening protocols offered by the cruise ship were negligent. The court documents state that all passengers were told to fill out a form stating that they were not sick, but none of the passengers were examined.

These passengers are seeking damages totaling $1,000,000.

Princess Cruise

Further Lawsuits Coming – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This isn’t an isolated incident. There will be plenty more lawsuits coming against the cruise lines over the negligence surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19). In fact, cruise ships still don’t have the supplies nor the proper procedures to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite proof that a passenger from the Carnival Valor (2/29-3/5) tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19), the company did nothing to contact other passengers and crew members that were on that journey. It’s unimaginable that Carnival would allow people to walk around and expose more people, instead of taking the steps needed to stop the spread of Coronavirus. How many people have faced exposure now because of their negligence?

There’s also the case of the Silver Shadow. This ship was docked in Brazil because of a sick Canadian passenger. While the ship was placed under quarantine, none of the crew members were wearing PPE, thereby putting more people at risk.

Norwegian Cruise Line has also been accused of fraudulent conduct by selling cruises and misrepresenting the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic. NCL offered false information to the public in hopes of luring more passengers to ships.

Leaving People Unprotected

If there is a common theme occurring across the board, it’s cruise ship passengers and employees that felt unprotected. Take the Costa Diadema, for example. This ship sailed back to Savona after leaving Dubai, where it left all the passengers off. Even though the infection rate was high in Italy, the crew members were taken to the country and were not allowed to previously disembark with the passengers. While making the trip, there were also crew members with Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the ship.

Crew members have other worries to think about. The Washington Post did an expose talking about how the employees are more concerned over not getting paid than they are about getting sick. The cruise lines aren’t offering any support to these displaced workers at this time.

Sure, the Trump administration is suggesting that the cruise industry will be given financial aid, but that does nothing for the crew members right now. Unless the cruise lines are going to think about the crew members, it shouldn’t be able to receive massive handouts. The people sitting at home wondering how the mortgage will be paid or whether they can cover their medical bills from this outbreak that should be at the top of the cruise ship company’s priorities.

Get the Legal Representation You Deserve

No matter what end of the spectrum you find yourself in, it’s possible to get legal representation to get the compensation you deserve. At SteinLaw, we understand that no one enjoys entering into the legal process, but sometimes it becomes necessary.

We strive to evaluate your situation objectively to determine if you have a case against the cruise line. We continue to rank as one of the top personal injury attorneys in South Florida, and we can take on your case as well. At SteinLaw, our clients are never a number, but rather part of our family. You are people that deserve representation when fighting these massive companies.

If you were left exposed to Coronavirus (COVID-19) on a cruise ship or you are concerned about the lack of protection you received, we are ready to help. Our team is prepared to fight for your rights, even when no one else will. Our clients can contact their attorney directly for quick and honest representation. You will receive the direct number to your lawyer to get the comfort and reliability you deserve.

We have vast amounts of experience working with the cruise lines and we understand all of the red tape that must be navigated if you hope to get anywhere. Don’t trust a novice with this important case; you deserve the best!

Information for Out-of-State Attorneys and Clients

SteinLaw handles many cruise ship personal injury lawsuits on behalf of out-of-state clients and attorneys for two critical reasons:

The first is that personal injury claims against a cruise line company usually require passengers to file them in the same state of the company’s headquarters. This can be an issue for people that live elsewhere, and with many major cruise lines based in Florida—such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruse Lines—SteinLaw is well-positioned to help litigate these claims.

The second is that cruise ship accident lawsuits carry a one-year statute of limitations. This—combined with the need to file in the same state of the company’s headquarters—can create an incredibly tight, inconvenient, and often expensive litigation process for out-of-state passengers injured in a cruise ship accident.

With such a narrow window of opportunity for victims to process their claims, SteinLaw takes great care to get victims beyond Florida the compensation they deserve.

In the links below, we are happy to provide additional information for out-of-state victims and attorneys seeking a Florida-based firm to handle a client’s cruise ship personal injury claim on their behalf:



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