Injured on Carnival Cruise: How to File a Claim Against Carnival

Injured on Carnival Cruise: How to File a Claim Against Carnival Cruise Lines

Deck Parties on Carnival Vista Oyster

Can I Sue Carnival Cruise Line for My Accident?

It is important to know that the contract on the back of the ticket does not protect the cruise line from every personal injury claim – only those the carrier or cruise line employees had not caused or contributed to. From disembark to final port, cruise ships have an obligation to provide due diligence in preventing their passengers from facing undue hardship or suffering.

If you believe the cruise line or one of its employees is guilty of negligence or intent to harm, your case will circumvent the stipulations of the ticket purchase. Otherwise, Carnival would be free to cause harm or conduct business negligently without fear of legal repercussions.

Although there are obvious injuries due to passenger’s own carelessness, the experienced team at SteinLaw does not want you to assume you cannot file a Carnival injury claim. If you are unsure about if events surrounding any cruise activities or excursions qualify, it is important you give us a call so we can review your case thoroughly.

Cruise Injuries You Can Sue For:

  • Torn carpeting caused a fall
  • Loose Handrail caused a tumble down the stairs
  • Proper signage wasn’t used to alert guests to avoid an area or use caution

Cruise Injuries You Cannot Sue For:

  • If you drank too much alcohol and tripped down the stairs or into a pole
  • If you were fooling around in an area blocked off to guests with proper signage
  • Did not follow proper instructions and fell

Carnival Cruise Ship Injury

How to bring a claim against Carnival Cruise Lines?

1. Read the Back of Your Ticket

When you purchase a cruise ship ticket, it doubles as a legal contract. Most of what you need to know about Carnival Cruise Lines’ liability is on the back or bottom of your ticket. By making your purchase and boarding the ship, you legally consent to the terms of the cruise line. This liability waiver can bar injured parties from pursuing certain claims against Carnival Cruise Lines. It can also list important claim information, such as your deadlines for filing.

The terms and conditions on your ticket are important, but they do not mean you can never file a claim against Carnival. If you believe the cruise line or one of its employees is guilty of negligence or intent to harm, your case will circumvent the stipulations of the ticket purchase. Otherwise, Carnival would be free to cause harm or conduct business negligently without fear of legal repercussions.

2. Gather Information About Your Incident

At the time of your accident and shortly after, gather as much information as you can about what happened. This includes statements from people who witnessed your incident, names of cruise ship staff members on the scene, and photographs of anything relevant to your claim.

If you must go to the onboard hospital for immediate treatment for your injuries, have a friend or family member gather information for you. It is important to record details of your incident while they are still fresh in your mind.

3. Report What Happened

In the infamous Carnival Triumph disaster of 2013, a Carnival cruise ship caught fire, leading to a power outage that left passengers stranded in the Gulf of Mexico with no electricity or working toilets for days. Injuries were mostly emotional and mental on this occasion. Carnival changed its policies thereafter in an attempt to appease future passengers. Today, cruisers can receive a full refund if they are dissatisfied with their experience – but only if they register their complaints within 24 hours of departure.

Report your accident and injuries to the cruise line as soon as possible, not only to receive a refund but also to have documented proof that the incident happened and that you reported it to authorities in a timely manner. Keep a record of whom you speak to, what he/she said to you, and how the cruise line responded to your incident and injuries.

4. Hire an Attorney

Once you receive medical care for your injuries, speak to a lawyer about your Carnival Cruise Line incident. An experienced cruise ship lawyer can walk you through the particulars of negligence laws, premises liability, and maritime laws that may come into play in your case. If you were an employee of the cruise line at the time of your injury, your case may fall under the Jones Act, a federal law that gives maritime employees the right to sue employers for negligence damages.

Bringing a claim against a cruise ship company is a bit different than typical personal injury claims in Florida. Contact the experienced team at SteinLaw to help you navigate the process and negotiate with Carnival Cruise Lines for a fair and just settlement.

Common Carnival cruise ship accidents include:

  • Ship collisions – A Carnival cruise ship can crash while docking the ship, causing passenger and crew member injuries and even deaths
  • Technical problems – If an elevator or escalator is not maintained properly, passengers can slip and fall, suffering serious injuries or death
  • Passengers falling overboard – Detective stair handrails during turbulence, windows, or suite balconies are a few reasons how passengers fall overboard
  • Assaults by crew members – Unfortunately, cruise guests are in danger of assault or sexual assault while on vacation
  • Food poisoning – When cruise staff don’t prepare well the food bacteria spreads quickly, especially in an enclosed space like a cruise ship
  • Slip, trip, and fall incidents – Slippery pool decks, misplaced luggage in cabin hallways, and no caution signs in the dining room or bathrooms are a few causes of slip, trip, and fall accidents

Slip and fall on a carnival cruise

Common Carnival cruise ship accidents lead to serious injuries:

  • Neck, back, and shoulder injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Internal organ damage
  • Bacterial illnesses from food poisoning
  • Emotional trauma
  • Death

Carnival Cruise Ship Passenger Injuries

Carnival Cruise Line is the world’s largest cruise operator in terms of passengers carried per year. The “Fun For All. All For Fun” cruise ship operates 25 resort-like ships, staffs over 40,000 employees, and travels to 63 ports across North America.

With day and nightlife entertainment shows, deck parties, casinos, waterslides, and more, passengers should also be aware of the injuries that accompany cruise vacation trips with family and friends.

Personal injury accidents can occur anytime, anywhere – including while on vacation. A serious injury might be the last thing you expect to happen during a Carnival cruise, but it’s an unfortunate reality for many people every year.
Source: Oyster

  • Carnival Sunshine
  • Carnival Breeze
  • Carnival Conquest
  • Carnival Dream
  • Carnival Ecstasy
  • Carnival Elation
  • Carnival Fantasy
  • Carnival Fascination
  • Carnival Freedom
  • Carnival Glory
  • Carnival Imagination
  • Carnival Inspiration
  • Carnival Legend
  • Carnival Liberty
  • Carnival Magic
  • Carnival Miracle
  • Carnival Paradise
  • Carnival Pride
  • Carnival Sensation
  • Carnival Splendor
  • Carnival Triumph
  • Carnival Valor
  • Carnival Victory
  • Carnival Vista

Information for Out-of-State Attorneys and Clients

SteinLaw handles many cruise ship personal injury lawsuits on behalf of out-of-state clients and attorneys for two critical reasons:

The first is that personal injury claims against a cruise line company usually require passengers to file them in the same state of the company’s headquarters. This can be an issue for people that live elsewhere, and with many major cruise lines based in Florida—such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruse Lines—SteinLaw is well-positioned to help litigate these claims.

The second is that cruise ship accident lawsuits carry a one-year statute of limitations. This—combined with the need to file in the same state of the company’s headquarters—can create an incredibly tight, inconvenient, and often expensive litigation process for out-of-state passengers injured in a cruise ship accident.

With such a narrow window of opportunity for victims to process their claims, SteinLaw takes great care to get victims beyond Florida the compensation they deserve.

In the links below, we are happy to provide additional information for out-of-state victims and attorneys seeking a Florida-based firm to handle a client’s cruise ship personal injury claim on their behalf:

Contact SteinLaw today to see what we can do to help you or your client get the compensation they deserve for their cruise ship personal injury.

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