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Injured on Virgin Voyage Cruise: How to File a Claim Against Virgin Voyages Cruise Line

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Can I Sue Virgin Voyage Cruise Line for My Accident?

Virgin Voyages offers adults-only cruise vacations to the Caribbean, Europe, and South Pacific, as well as other top travel destinations. The cruise also offers numerous perks, including champagne on demand. Passengers also have the opportunity to attend nightly shows, group exercise classes, and various other activities while onboard. 

Virgin Voyages operates several water vessels, including the Scarlet Lady, the Valiant Lady, and the Resilient Lady. The Scarlet Lady departs from Miami, Florida, an area that is popular among tourists due to its vibrant and eccentric culture. Virgin Voyages also claims to provide passengers with one of the cleanest, safest, and more enjoyable cruise vacation experiences available. 

Unfortunately, thousands of vacationers are injured every year as a result of cruise line negligence. There are numerous accidental injuries, illnesses, and catastrophic accidents that could occur on a cruise ship. In many cases, these incidents result in excessive financial, physical, and emotional damage.

Were you, a loved one, or a client injured on a cruise with Virgin Voyages? Cruise operators require all complaints to be filed in the region of ship departure. This can be especially stressful for out-of-state travelers. In the following informational guide, the legal experts at Stein Law reveal everything that you need to know to file a claim against Voyages Cruise Line. 

Common Accidents on Virgin Voyages 

Cruise Line Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Virgin Voyages offers an all-inclusive vacation experience, including entertainment, recreational activities, port excursions, and more. The abundance of activities onboard can lead to an increased risk of accidents, injuries, and/or illnesses. 

Passengers may suffer from a wide range of potential injuries during a Virgin Voyages cruise, including:

  • Malfunctioning Equipment 
  • Slips and Falls
  • Swimming Pool Accidents 
  • Technical Issues
  • Overboard Accidents
  • Physical/Sexual Assault 
  • Catastrophic Accidents 

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are the most prevalent cause of cruise ship personal injury claims. These accidents may be caused by wet floors, broken stairs, or luggage in a walkway. Slips and falls can result in serious injuries, including broken bones, back injuries, head/neck injuries, and/or other lingering damages. 

Cruise Ship Illnesses 

Passengers are at risk of contracting serious bacterial, viral, and food-borne illnesses while on a cruise ship.  Government agencies have developed cleaning, sanitation, and food preparation standards. Failure to maintain these standards significantly increases the risk of passenger illness occurrences. 

Cruise Port Injuries

Virgin Voyages transports passengers to vacation destinations all over the world. The cruise line may be responsible for injuries that occur as a result of company endorsed port excursions. Safety laws and regulations are not always strictly enforced in other regions. This can significantly increase the risk of accidental injury during port excursions. 

Catastrophic Cruise Ship Accidents 

Catastrophic cruise ship accidents are incidents that leave victims with serious, debilitating, and/or fatal injuries. Several different types of catastrophic accidents could occur during a cruise, including:

  • Chemical Exposure 
  • Fires
  • Overboard Accidents
  • Swimming Pool Accidents, Including Diving and Drowning Accidents 

These accidents may occur at the port, onboard the cruise ship, or during cruise line-approved excursions.

Physical and/or Sexual Assault 

Cruise ship passengers are also at risk of serious physical and/or sexual assault. These criminal acts could be committed by another passenger or a cruise line employee. These criminal attacks may result in excessive physical, mental, and emotional damage. Excessive medical expenses may also result, depending on the type and severity of the injuries incurred

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim with Virgin Voyages?

Passengers are given one year from the date that an incident occurs to file a claim against Virgin Voyages. However, it is in your best interest to report injuries to cruise ship headquarters immediately after an accident. The longer that you wait to report your injuries and obtain medical care, the more difficult it will be to prove that the cruise line is responsible.

 A full list of terms and limitations is available for review on the Virgin Voyages website. You can also reach out to the cruise line directly by calling 954-361-9500. 

Is Virgin Voyages Liable for My Accident?

Cruise line operators are responsible for protecting passengers from all forms of foreseeable harm.  Government agencies have developed several legal provisions that detail the minimum standards for cruise line compliance. These laws require operators to keep shops clean, well-maintained, and safe for passengers.

For example, cruise ship employees are required to ensure that floors remain dry and free of trip hazards. Virgin Voyages may be liable if a passenger falls as a result of failure to maintain this safe environment. 

How To Obtain Maximum Compensation for Cruise Ship Claims

Cruise ship claims are governed under a different legal system than land-based personal injury cases. This area of law is known as maritime law. The following advice can help you navigate this complex area and protect your legal rights. 

1). Report Your Injuries Immediately to Virgin Voyages

Contact cruise ship employees immediately to report any accident, illness, and/or injury that occurs onboard. This record of the incident should be made in addition to a formal complaint with cruise line headquarters.

2). Gather Evidence and Take Notes 

Capture photos and video evidence of any conditions that may be relevant to your incident. Take notes and gather evidence involving any related damages. Hold on to medical summaries, bills, and any proof of any communications made with the cruise line. 

3). Seek Outside Medical Attention 

It is important to follow ship medical reporting and compliance procedures. However, you must also remember that cruise ship doctors will work in the best interest of their employer. Seek outside medical attention with a private physician as soon as you return to land. 

4). Contact an Experienced Florida Cruise Ship Attorney 

Cruise line personal injury claims must be filed in the same state the cruise line headquarters is located. Several companies utilize Florida Ports for commercial cruises, including Virgin Voyages, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and more.  

Reach out to a cruise ship personal injury lawyer that has the knowledge, tools, and experience to represent your case. Stein Law has helped hundreds of clients who were injured while vacationing with major cruise lines.

Information for Out-of-State Attorneys and Clients

SteinLaw handles many cruise ship personal injury lawsuits on behalf of out-of-state clients and attorneys for two critical reasons:

The first is that personal injury claims against a cruise line company usually require passengers to file them in the same state of the company’s headquarters. This can be an issue for people that live elsewhere, and with many major cruise lines based in Florida—such as Virgin Voyages, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruse Lines—SteinLaw is well-positioned to help litigate these claims.

The second is that cruise ship accident lawsuits carry a one-year statute of limitations. This—combined with the need to file in the same state of the company’s headquarters—can create an incredibly tight, inconvenient, and often expensive litigation process for out-of-state passengers injured in a cruise ship accident.

With such a narrow window of opportunity for victims to process their claims, SteinLaw takes great care to get victims beyond Florida the compensation they deserve.

In the links below, we are happy to provide additional information for out-of-state victims and attorneys seeking a Florida-based firm to handle a client’s cruise ship personal injury claim on their behalf:

Contact SteinLaw today to see what we can do to help you or your client get the compensation they deserve for their cruise ship personal injury.

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