The Effects of Road Rage and Reckless Drivers on FL Car Accidents

The Effects of Road Rage and Reckless Drivers on Miami Car Accidents

Effects of Road Rage and Reckless Drivers


It happens to all of us. Someone cuts us off or drives like they’re entitled to the road. They beep at you the millisecond the light turns green or you see them carelessly texting and driving.

It’s okay to get angry or frustrated when these things happen. Why? Because those people are the ones that cause the most Miami car accidents and they put your family at risk.

Driving recklessly is sometimes worse than driving under the influence, depending on the level. If they go hand in hand, that’s even worse.

Learn the definition of reckless drivers and how acting on your road rage can only make it worse below.

What is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving doesn’t mean that one time you bent down to get a tissue you needed before you sneezed at the wheel. We’re talking about conscious bad choices people make.

Common reckless driving charges are the easiest way to explain the act.

The most common one is excessive speeding. This is more than 10 or even 15 over the speed limit. We’re talking about going 75 in a 45 MPH zone.

Speed limits are there for a reason – they’re designed to help people stop in time. If you’re going 75 miles per hour and a car swerves to avoid something in the road, your car doesn’t have time to react.

That’s a dangerous velocity.

Running red lights, stop signs, and ignoring the right of way are other reckless driving charges. It’s easy to see how all three of these can lead to bad accidents.

The first two especially, since you can assume the other cars are moving slowly (since they were prepared to stop). If it’s a four-way stop and someone goes when they’re not supposed to – hopefully, they’re not going fast.

Miami Car Accidents, Reckless Driving, and Road Rage

So, how does reckless driving relate to road rage? Well, one usually leads to the other – in whatever order.

Someone can have road rage at a reckless driver and decide to take things into their own hands. We often see this as someone “brake checking” another car – riding too close.

But reckless driving can create road rage in other people. It’s a nasty circle.

The Numbers

Cars are like weapons if used incorrectly. And like a weapon, they’re not going to “fire” if no one is using them.

This statistic proves that. Over 93% of crashes are due to human error. According to the NHTSA, a third of those crashes are linked to road rage or reckless driving.

Staying Safe

First thing’s first, you should never act on road rage. There’s a good chance trying to drive with revenge will lead to more Miami car accidents someone will get hurt from.

If you see someone driving recklessly, call the police. You should have the non-emergency number saved in your phone and be able to call it via voice command.

Finally, keep reckless drivers off the road by pursuing lawsuits against them if they hurt you. It’s better for everyone!

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