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Brightline Train Accident [Florida Brightline Car Crash]

Brightline Trains Crashing into Cars on the Tracks

For those of you who are unaware or unfamiliar with what Brightline is, it’s a luxury high-end passenger train, which has a speed that runs far faster than your common train.

Now, it is known around this part of Florida that these Brightline trains on the tracks that they run do approach very fast. Frequently, they don’t stop. They just fly right through the intersection.

Right across the street from my office, this little Mini Cooper tried to beat the train and stopped essentially close to the tracks and panicked. And this was actually caught on video through an Instagram post where the car panicked and attempted to run the track and beat the train. When, unfortunately, the train hit the front of the car and ultimately destroyed it.

These Brightline trains are incredibly dangerous. They run incredibly fast and I’ll tell you, whenever you’re approaching one, these intersections of a train track, you’ve got to make sure that you can make it. And the minute you see that that arm extending downward, or you hear the bells stop, don’t go.

And if there are other vehicles in front of you, don’t follow them and don’t stop on the track. You have to just wait. Wait until the area’s clear. So, when you start crossing over that track area, you make sure you could get fully through that intersection because one thing I do know and seeing these Brightline trains is it’s like a speeding bullet running right through. So, you do not want to stop right in the middle there because it’s life or death.

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