Infant Death on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship in Puerto Rico

Recently, there’s been a terrible and gut-wrenching news story about an 18-month toddler falling to their death off of a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship. It appears this happened in a children’s play area and it seemed as though there was no window or protective device preventing the child from going out the window over the railing. According to news reports, the infant’s grandfather was holding her so a lot of people are looking to blame the grandfather for this and the family for this. I don’t think now is the right time to place blame on such a grieving family but that’s something Royal Caribbean should look into in the case a lawsuit is filed and I think a lawsuit should be filed in a case like this. For more information, click the below link for:

Everything you need to know about Cruise Ship Accident lawsuits against Royal Caribbean Cruise, Carnival Cruise, Celebrity Cruises, and more.

We discuss answers to questions such as:

  • If I’m Injured in a Cruise Accident, Who Is Responsible?
  • What are the Cruise Ship Maritime Laws and Filing Restrictions for Filing a Law Suit Against a Cruise Company?
  • How does Maritime Law Affect Cruise Ship Injuries?
  • What Safety Measures is a Cruise Ship Common Carrier Responsible For Providing Me?
  • What Information Do I Need to File a Cruise Ship Accident Lawsuit?
  • Where Do I File a Personal Injury Claim Against A Cruise Line?
  • Determining Negligence in a Cruise Ship Accident Lawsuit
  • How Long Do I Have to File a Cruise Ship Accident Lawsuit?


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