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Infant Death on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship in Puerto Rico

 Recently, there’s been a terrible and gut-wrenching news story about an 18-month toddler falling to their death off of a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship. It appears this happened in a children’s play area and it seemed as though there was no window or protective device preventing the child from going out the window over the railing. According to news reports, the infant’s grandfather was holding her so a lot of people are looking to blame the grandfather for this and the family for this. I don’t think now is the right time to place blame on such a grieving family

Plantation Gas Explosion – Who’s Responsible?

 People keep asking me about the Plantation Gas Explosion that took place at a shopping plaza in Plantation, FL earlier this month, injuring 23 people and destroying many businesses in the plaza. People are asking “Who’s going to sue?” and “Who do you think is responsible?” I’ll be the first one to tell you I do not know who is responsible. I think there are a lot of parties who have a lot to worry about – One, in particular, is People’s Gas, who manages the gas line in the area, because at the end of the day, gas lines