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Why Is It Important to Hire a Very Organized Lawyer?

Running late on a Thursday night. It started as a calm day, then I got a phone call from a judge at 11:30 this morning, basically saying,

“Hey, look, this coming Tuesday, you’re number one on the trial calendar and your number one on the docket and you got to be ready to go.”

So like a snap of a finger that day went from pretty calm, relatively speaking, to just chaos. But the good news about it is the file from my client is extremely organized. And I will say as a personal injury lawyer and just a lawyer in general, when you’re a client and you hire a lawyer, obviously you want the best lawyer.

But what’s also very, very important is that your lawyer is organized because even the best lawyer who goes into court, completely disorganized and disheveled, can get outworked, outplayed and ultimately defeated by maybe even a lesser caliber lawyer or an equal caliber lawyer who’s more organized because he or she is going to be ready for everything that comes and will be able to find every single thing in their file rather than in front of a jury shuffling with papers and not knowing what you’re doing, ultimately pissing off a jury. And definitely annoying a judge.

So, the moral of the story is if you’re a client and you’re looking for a lawyer, don’t underestimate the value of organization.

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