Is a Trial Lawyer is Necessary? [SteinLaw Reveals Answers]

Is a Trial Lawyer is Necessary? [SteinLaw Reveals Answers]

Yes – You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Is Experienced & Willing to go to Trial

Just got of trial about a week ago. Still getting my head above water. You know, every time you go to trial, it takes weeks away from your work. Even though trial may just be a week, the preparation and the response back once you get back from trial to try to catch up on everything you’ve missed takes time out of the day. But it is necessary. It’s absolutely necessary to do because in doing personal injury like I do and like my firm does, you want your clients to know that you’re willing to go into the court, because if you’re not, then really, what are you doing to represent them and get them the maximum recovery that they need?

Because there are so many other lawyers out here who do contract law, real estate transactions, family law and oh, by the way, they do personal injury as well. But have they ever even step foot in a courtroom or you filed a lawsuit?

Probably not. That’s not the type of lawyer you want to go to. No different than if you have a medical condition, you want to make sure the doctor that you go to see is a doctor that’s willing to do surgery – if need be. Not just a doctor who is going to treat you and try to do everything necessary not to have the surgery, and when you need it, he’s just going to ship you out to some other doctor. That’s not what you want to do.

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