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Slip/Trip and Fall Accident

Sidewalk Slip and Fall

Slipping and falling on a sidewalk… we’ve all probably been there once or twice in our lives. Most times, we go away uninjured and continue walking along. But, what if something is on the sidewalk that creates a dangerous situation for injuries? This is what happened in the case Miami Dade County v. Wanda Jones from


Complex Trip and Fall Case

What should you do when you trip and fall and get injuries? Call an attorney, of course. The Florida court case “Lee County Department of Transportation vs. the Island Water Association” from April 2017 is a perfect example of all the complexities of the law. Someone without a law background would think that seeking damages for


Slip and Fall as a Trespasser in Florida

Can you file a lawsuit if you slip and fall as a trespasser in Florida? Sometimes the term “trespasser” is unclear, but the case Delores Arp v. Waterway East Association Inc., et al. (April 2017) addresses this definition. Usually, a trespasser is thought of as someone who is intentionally entering an area without permission. But,


Who is Responsible for a Slip and Fall?

If you slip and fall on an object that is in plain sight, is it still your fault? Who is responsible for a slip and fall in the state of Florida? The court case Brookie vs. Winn Dixie, which took place in April 2017, explored this issue. The conclusion was that if there is an obstacle that


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