What to Do if Injured at Tidal Cove Water Park in Aventura, FL

What to Do if Injured at Tidal Cove Water Park in Aventura?

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Water Parks are popular year-round in South Florida and this year Aventura’s Tidal Cove joins the ranks of top water parks in the region. Located at the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort and Spa in Aventura, Tidal Cove welcomes South Florida residents and visitors to the park. Boasting seven incredible slides and amazing aquatic activities including a lazy river, beach, and rafting, Tidal Cove is the ideal destination for family and friends. Before heading out to enjoy the fun, let’s review water park safety and discover what you need to do in case you are injured at Tidal Cove Water Park.

Tidal Cove Water Park Safety

Water Park Safety

Safety in and around water is important so before you head to Tidal Cove or your favorite water park in the area, let’s review:

  • Before the fun begins, know where to find lifeguards, restrooms, and refreshments. If someone is injured or your group separates, you can use a particular lifeguard as a rendezvous point. Knowing the location of restrooms and refreshments will keep everyone happy and hydrated all day long.
  • When enjoying the park with your group, keep everyone in view, especially the little ones who are joining in the fun. Not only does this rule apply to children, but adults who may not swim well, who have been drinking, or who may soak in too much sun for the day. The buddy system is a great way to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and fun day at the park.
  • The IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) recommends non-swimmers, little swimmers (under 48”), and weak swimmers should wear life vests while enjoying the water park.
  • Familiarize everyone with the water park rules before the splashing begins. Because each water park is unique, precautions may be different. If you have questions, ask a lifeguard or a member of the water park staff for clarification.
  • Apply sunscreen all day long and stay hydrated. South Florida is known for its extremely hot, humid days. You may want to consider additional protection as well – loose-fitting clothes that can be worn over swimsuits, water shoes to prevent slipping/falling and help you avoid bacteria. Add in a hat and sunglasses for extra protection.
  • Always be aware, as the crowds and long lines can become dangerous. Take care by not pushing in line or rushing through crowded areas which can result in slip and fall accidents and other injuries.

slip and fall accident in florida

Injuries at Tidal Cove Water Park (or any Water Park)

Water Parks are often crowded, which in turn, create safety issues and result in serious injuries. Common water park injuries include head and neck injuries, lacerations, sprains, and fractures.

If your injury was caused in a slip, fall, or trip incident as a result of negligent property maintenance on the part of the Water Park, you may be entitled to compensation. The premises liability law holds property owners responsible for the proper maintenance of their locations for the safety of their guests. If you have been injured, call Attorney Brandon Stein and the professional legal team at Steinlaw for a free personalized consultation to discuss your options.

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