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Why You Need to Make Sure Your Lawyer Goes To Court

 The Importance of a Lawyer Who Will Fight For You In Court I was talking to a potential client today and it was involving a car accident with disputed liability, whereas an intersection accident. So it’s a 50/50 shot as to who potentially is liable or responsible for the accident. This potential client hired a lawyer at the time of the accident. The accident occurred about five, six, seven months ago. He went through with the case, went through a treatment, demand was sent and the insurance company denied the claim. Not uncommon, I mean, it happens, but as a trial lawyer

Be Careful This Holiday Season

 Beware of Drunk Drivers & Reckless Drivers – ESPECIALLY During the Holiday Season So I was watching a movie the other night. It was about a guy, businessman who had a family, went out to dinner with friends, had a few drinks – Perhaps one too many -got in the car, drove home, ran a red light, got into a terrible, terrible car accident. And his friend, who was with him, who’s in the back seat, died. Now, of course, this was a fictional movie. However, the nature of the incident and the allegations that were raised against him, namely the hit

What Is Attorney Client Privilege in Florida? Is It Important?

 Attorney-Client Privilege in FL Every Florida attorney has a duty of loyalty to his or her client, and this duty of loyalty also means the attorney has a duty to keep the relationship confidential. Thus, every attorney in Florida, regardless of what field of law he or she practices, must perform these duties and act in the best interest of the client. The attorney-client privilege is probably most important privilege out there. Essentially what it is, is when I meet with a client and it’s just me and him or me and her, and that client can tell me anything or just

Is a Trial Lawyer is Necessary? [SteinLaw Reveals Answers]

 Yes – You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Is Experienced & Willing to go to Trial Just got of trial about a week ago. Still getting my head above water. You know, every time you go to trial, it takes weeks away from your work. Even though trial may just be a week, the preparation and the response back once you get back from trial to try to catch up on everything you’ve missed takes time out of the day. But it is necessary. It’s absolutely necessary to do because in doing personal injury like I do and like my

Why Is It Important to Hire a Very Organized Lawyer?

 Running late on a Thursday night. It started as a calm day, then I got a phone call from a judge at 11:30 this morning, basically saying, “Hey, look, this coming Tuesday, you’re number one on the trial calendar and your number one on the docket and you got to be ready to go.” So like a snap of a finger that day went from pretty calm, relatively speaking, to just chaos. But the good news about it is the file from my client is extremely organized. And I will say as a personal injury lawyer and just a lawyer in