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Why Is It Important to Hire a Very Organized Lawyer?

 Running late on a Thursday night. It started as a calm day, then I got a phone call from a judge at 11:30 this morning, basically saying, “Hey, look, this coming Tuesday, you’re number one on the trial calendar and your number one on the docket and you got to be ready to go.” So like a snap of a finger that day went from pretty calm, relatively speaking, to just chaos. But the good news about it is the file from my client is extremely organized. And I will say as a personal injury lawyer and just a lawyer in

Stretching is the key to maintaining

   Stretching is the key to maintaining Just finished a great workout and I’ll tell you, at the end of every single workout, no matter what happens, whether it’s cardio, weights, whatever I’m doing, the workout’s not complete without a good stretch. And I say that because stretching and flexibility are the key to maintenance. Now, handling personal injury and representing hundreds, if not thousands, of clients that have injuries, that have complained because of their neck problems, flexibility, strength issues, I’ll tell you, the most important thing is obviously get to the treatment…. But once that’s done, you need to continue

Staying Fit to Avoid Slip & Fall Injuries

 Be Fit. Avoid Falls. Friday afternoon, going from my daily walk… Got to get my steps in and I’ll tell you for once, it’s not raining in Florida in August, which is nice. Now, I’ll tell you to avoid trip and falls & slip and falls, it’s always good, always beneficial, to stay in shape, because at the end of the day, you want to get those steps in and you want to get exercise in. You want to have the ability to recover quickly from a fall or prevent the fall because it’s not uncommon for the elderly to fall. People who

Insurance Companies Really P%SS Me Off – SteinLaw

 You know who annoys me? These insurance companies. Do you know why they annoy me? Because they mess around with my clients. My clients come to me after injuries because the insurance companies aren’t there for them. They make them jump through hoops, cross red tape, and find every which way not to pay when they should be paid. However, when the shoe is on the other foot, and my clients have to sign up for their auto insurance, sign up for their homeowner’s insurance, whatever it may be, the insurance carrier and the agents are the best friend. They say “Hey

What’s With All These Lawyer Billboards in Florida?

 Why on Earth are there so many lawyer billboards in Florida with personal injury attorneys on them? I was up in New York this past weekend and I saw maybe two… Why in South Florida in particular do we have so many of these lawyers advertising on billboards? I personally don’t get it – I think people are finding lawyers and other professionals and other trades online… but in Florida, everyone’s in their car sitting in traffic with nothing better to do, so you might as well look at somebody’s face on a Billboard. Personally not my style right now, but I’ll tell you